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The throwing circle is for sports like Discuss, Shot Put and Hammer and is constructed using the same size / dimension. The diameter of the inside circle is 2.135m and is 1.4 – 2.6cm lower than the upper edge of the rim of the throwing circle. The rim is 6mm in thickness and is 70 – 80mm deep and is always painted white.

The actual surfacing of the throwing circle id made from Tartan surfacing or Recycled Rubber Crumb as it is known. This is an EPDM rubber which is mixed with a polyurethane binder and laid with a trowel to the required area. These specifications, dimensions comply with IAAF recommendations but they can be designed and constructed to suit the different areas that you may have available.

Soft Surfaces Ltd are contractors who specialise in this sports sector. We have installed and maintained lots of these surfaces and we can help you with all aspects of your project from specification, pricing, design, funding and full construction. Please visit our website or call us on 01625 445760.

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