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Wetpour Graphic Designs for Nurseries

Developments on playgrounds in various locations have led to new things being added to them. Some of these new things are Wetpour graphics. These can be incorporated into a rubber safety surface to enhance the different games that can be played.

Today, this blog will explore more about them and their impact for nurseries. We offer loads of different wetpour graphic designs for nursery playgrounds which can be customised with a range of activities.

Nursery Playground Activities

Throughout Nursery, a lot of outdoor activities take place as younger children have a lot of energy. Ranging from educational to physical activities, keeping kids occupied and interested is vital. Creating well thought through activities will achieve this but one way to do this is to have wetpour graphics installed.

These colourful shapes are installed as inserts within a wetpour rubber safety surface to create a vibrant and interactive play area. This type of surfacing is also perfect for around play equipment as it reduces injuries from trips and falls.

All the shapes are made to be easily understandable for kids and this means they can know what to do with it without having some monitor them and tell them how to use it. It gives them a sense of freedom and allows the pupils not to feel monitored too much.

Safety Surfacing Graphics and Games

Children are clumsy and energetic by nature. For this very reason, a lot of playgrounds can often result in injuries or upsets for a child. Surfaces, therefore, should be safe enough for kids to fall over and not suffer from any serious injuries. See this page for more details on the different safety surfacing options.

Wetpour is a surface which is common on playgrounds since its properties can prevent these injuries. Alongside this, Wetpour graphics can be applied within the surface incredibly easy.

Wetpour graphic designs for nurseries are soft and spongey, meaning that they can still be safe around children and not cause any problems. In addition to this, the inserts can be uniquely made, so that you can truly make your area stand out from the rest. Some designs that we’ve done by special request include things like:

  • Logos
  • Characters
  • Animals
  • Words
  • Shapes

These are just a few of the different designs we have created for our clients and we are more than happy to help you create your own custom graphic. Games like hopscotch, number grids etc. can be created as well as these types of graphics often engage children effectively whilst passively teaching them a certain subject/topic.

Pre School Playground Designs

Pre-school designs are often very bright and colourful due to kids at this age still learning about the world around them. Senses like sight and touch are still developing and maturing, so graphics like this usually do well amongst this demographic. We offer a wide variety of colours to pick from which can help you achieve your design with hardly any compromises. Click here to learn more about how to make playgrounds safer for children.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the actual design. Interesting designs often keep kids distracted for a while as they are analysing the actual graphic and they may not have seen something like it before. Designs that replicate familiar things work equally as well as children feel a lot more comfortable in the environment due to them being able to recognise certain aspects that they can link to previous experiences they’ve had.

Patterns are great as well. Often overlooked, patterns are a great way to keep children interested. Sight is still being developed at this stage so seeing wacky and unique patterns can really make pupils think and entertain them. At this age, kids are often easy to entertain with graphics, but they must be well made, otherwise they will just ignore it. Quality is something we pride ourselves with and we can help you achieve the quality you want.

Nursery Wetpour Flooring Shapes

Educational benefits can occur with certain Wetpour graphics. During these years in education, pupils are still unfamiliar with their shapes and will often get bored learning about them. However, graphics that present colourful shapes can really interest the kids and help them have a visual representation of the maths they are being presented with.

A great idea is to create games using these shapes. Gather the pupils outside in the playground and prepare them for the game. When you say a name of a shape, they must run over and be touching that shape within a certain time frame. You can make it a bit more difficult by introducing colours as well but overall, this type of activity will familiarise them with shapes and colours a lot better than just teaching in a classroom. This is one example of outdoor activities which help with learning, you can see more details here.

Pupils will also start making their own games based around the shapes as time goes on. It’s important to let them have this type of freedom around the wetpour graphic designs as it allows them to interact with them in their own way, which they may find easy than a way which you’ve recommended. Let the kids get used to everything in their own time.

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