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What Is Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch is a single layered system with a wooden bark like appearance. It is constructed of recycled material that has been shredded into chunks. They are bonded together using polyurethane resin as these chunks are bigger they have larger space between for more of a flex in the surface.

With many asking the question ‘what is rubber mulch’ Soft Surfaces have decided to go into more detail on this topic. Rubber mulch surfacing has become increasingly popular in the UK, particularly in natural wooded area and around trees.

Rubber Mulch Explained

Below is a short video explaining what rubber mulch surfacing is in more detail.

Please read transcript below:

00:00 Hi, it’s Dan from Soft Surfaces here, and today we’re going to be answering the question, what is rubber mulch?

00:05 So rubber mulch is essentially a very versatile safety surface that can be used for both playgrounds and various other recreational services such as the Daily Mile. For more information about what the Daily Mile is, feel free to just click here.

00:16 So a great thing with the rubber mulch surface is it actually fits the CFH which is the critical fall height, which means if a child were to fall from the highest platform from their facility onto the rubber mulch surface, they’d be more likely to not sustain serious injuries than on other surfaces, which we find brilliant.

00:30 One of the features that people really like about rubber mulch is, it has an extremely natural look to it. It doesn’t look artificial or synthetic, and if that’s the look that you’re going for for your facility, we’d really recommend rubber mulch as your product.

00:39 As with many of our products, rubber mulch is available in lots of colours and specifications to choose from. We’ll make a separate video for you guys to actually have a look at those colours and specifications so you can get a better idea of kind of what surface you’d like to install.

00:51 But regardless of that, we have over 20 years of experience installing these surfaces and surfaces like this, such as Wet Pour, so we really feel like we’re the company to come to you with that kind of product if you’d like that installed.

01:01 So for more information, just visit us at

The bound rubber mulch is well suited for area’s like playground’s and nurseries, but also with areas like pathways, activity areas and parks. It doesn’t have a very wide range of colour options but the idea of this surface to provide a natural look to each area.

For more information on rubber mulch surfacing in the UK, please get in touch today to speak to one of our experts. We will be happy to explain rubber mulch in more detail along with its uses in play areas.

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