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Work Experience With Soft Surfaces Adam Derbyshire

This week we invited a school student called Adam to join us for a work experience placement so he could get an insight into a working environment and develop some new skills. As part of his placement we asked Adam to write a short article about his role and some of the tasks he had been asked to do. Take a look at his article below!

What Was I Expecting?

Before I started my first day of work experience I was very nervous. Why was I nervous? Because I knew that I was going to be working with social media, something which I had very little to no experience with at all.

I was expecting the week of work experience to be very social media orientated (which it has been), but not in the way that I thought. I thought that a lot of what I would be doing would have been running complicated social media promotional campaigns. But it wasn’t.

What Was I Doing?

I received my first task of work experience from Amelia. The first thing that she asked me to do was to number different activities on a scale of one-five on how much I wanted to do them. I was quite relieved to do this because I was able to make it known what I wasn’t experienced in or wasn’t very good at. I wasn’t saying that I didn’t want to do them, just that I might not be particularly good at them.

Once that was completed I was creating a:

  • Google+ account
  • A Twitter account
  • A LinkedIn account

This was my first large step into the world of social media. I was using these to keep up to date with anything going on within the company and so that I could post links to different websites through photographs.

As well as these I have created an Infographic which detailed the nicknames of Bingo balls. This was a great new experience for me because I was using new software producing an Infographic, something which I haven’t made before.

Another task that me and my fellow work experience colleague were given was to create an animated video showing off the usefulness of a website. This was definitely something new for me because whilst I have had plenty of experience in making videos I was using a new software and just titles rather than video footage and images as well.

On my third day I received another one of my tasks from Becca, to actually write this page. This was great to do as it was again, me learning something new but doing something familiar. What I was learning new was writing a piece that may be used on a website. Doing this I have to take into consideration things like making it easy to read and trying to keep it interesting.

What Have I Particularly Enjoyed?

It’s almost impossible to pick out one thing that I have enjoyed the most. In the three days that I have been here I have been kept constantly busy with these different tasks and all of them I have enjoyed. I can say that the reason behind this has been because I have been learning new skills and working in the same office as an active and very friendly team.

Has All This Given Me An Insight Into The Working Environment?

It absolutely has! I had already an idea about what some working environments were like such as hospital offices. But before this I had yet to experience what it was like in an office where marketing and media played a huge part.

Doing this work experience has backed me up further to wanting to get a job in media, possibly in marketing.


  • Social Media isn’t as difficult as I first thought.
  • I have been kept very busy with different tasks that I have enjoyed.
  • I have learnt plenty of new skills.
  • I am enjoying everything in my work experience.
  • It is great to be working with a brilliant team.
  • This experience has given me an insight into a media and marketing office.
  • Soft Surfaces have been brilliant in bringing me into the world of social media, a world that I was previously unfamiliar with.

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