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World Kindness Day 2019

World Kindness Day is an annual event and this year it is celebrated on 13th November. It was first launched back in 1998 and can be enjoyed by all. Join this movement by simply pledging kindness, promoting good deeds and encouraging others to do the same.

The Importance of Being Kind

There are various benefits to being kind, many that are obvious. Although being kind is a selfless act, it is actually one that has many benefits for yourself.

A kind gesture not only boosts serotonin for the person carrying out the action and the recipient, but it also significantly improves serotonin for anybody that sees this gesture.

Being kind to everybody, regardless of differences can make somebody’s day. Find out how you could join the World Kindness Day movement.

It’s important to be kind because:

  • It can make someone’s day
  • It can make your day
  • Anybody who sees said gesture will be happy
  • It’s key to be empathetic with others
  • Helps everybody develop social and communication skills

Kindness Project in Schools

Where better to start kindness? You can start introducing activities and mindfulness to little ones and this will be something that will translate into their adult life as they grow. There’s plenty of ways to begin kindness projects.

There are different stages to being kind that extend further than merely being aware of it.

The first stage is to act out kindness. This can be encouraged via some interesting books for kids such as Do Nice and Be Kind. Being kind is infectious, once you spot some acts of kindness it makes you feel like doing the same. Start looking for kind acts from others. A great way to start this is to reward those that have participated in kindness, you can also set up a kindness wall or board, where you note down some of the gestures that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Teachers and parents can begin to share some of these projects and active behaviour to bring kindness to attention. This can be done by sharing with other teachers.

Encouraging Kindness on the Playground

Below you can discover ways in which children can be taught kindness in the playground.

This includes role-play, teambuilding, being empathetic and voicing negative emotions.

It’s important to include some of the above, they help little ones learn how to empathise with others.

  • Role-Play– This helps children play out different roles such as shopkeepers and customers, this allows them to place themselves in other’s shoes. What’s the benefit? It’s a solid activity that allows them to empathise with others.
  • Team Activities– Sports and classic games are great but team-building activities help children to work together. This could be a number of different things, by doing this they’ll need to consider one another during the task. This could be acting as a group, building a den together, team sports and more. This won’t necessarily always end kindly, but it’s great to encourage them all to work together during difficult times.
  • Anti-Bullying– Bullying affects over 64% of children. It’s a good idea to have protocols in place to ensure that everybody’s happy. Encouraging kids to be kind to one another is a primary skill that may need to be pushed. After all, young children aren’t always aware of other people’s needs. Find out more about Anti Bullying Week 2019.


So there you have it. With World Kindness Day coming up, how is your school encouraging children to be kinder to each other? Be sure to follow the event on social media with #WorldKindnessDay to get more ideas and see the real benefits that being kind can have.

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