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Benefits of Outdoor Gym Equipment

There has been an increase in the use of outdoor gym equipment in school playgrounds and public parks throughout the UK. These facilities can be used by school pupils during lessons and break times. They can even be available to members of the local community who are looking to be more active.

It has been proven that taking part in outdoor activities improves health and happiness. This goes for both children and adults, so these facilities have lots of different benefits.

Gym Equipment Outdoors

Schools often choose to have different types of play equipment in outdoor areas so that the pupils can be active and get fresh air during break time. This helps to increase energy levels and makes it easier for the kids to learn and concentrate during lessons.

Overall happiness and well-being is also improved by outdoor activity. This is therefore why the external gym equipment is popular in community parks. People who are looking to improve their lifestyle and become healthier can get access to fitness equipment in an outdoor space. They can use this without having to sign up for an expensive gym membership.

Participating in any type of exercise has been shown to improve mental health and relaxation. Doing these activities outside boosts the benefits even more. With dedicated outdoor gym equipment for use by the public or for school students, more people can enjoy feeling healthier and increasing their activity.

If you are looking to improve physical fitness and activity at your school or local park, please contact us. We’ll respond and offer you some more information on the products available.


External Fitness Machines

A range of different exercise machines can be installed to create an outdoor gym facility that suits whoever will be using it. Popular features include treadmills, stationary bikes and cross trainers for core fitness, as well as resistance machines and weights for strength.

Things like gym bars are also installed as these can be used for Calisthenics workouts. This is an activity that focuses on using your own bodyweight with minimal equipment. You can have other features like activity trails and obstacle courses. These help to develop a range of skills like balance, agility, climbing and strength.

Designs for Outdoor Spaces

Depending on the type of design you want and the amount of outdoor space you have, there are plenty of different options available. You could decide just to have a range of standard gym machines, or you could choose a number of different features to set up a large outdoor fitness area. We offer several other types of outdoor play area equipment for different activities.

Military training facilities can even use this equipment to set up an assault course with things like:

  • Traversing walls
  • Crawl nets
  • Balance beams
  • Tyre hops

Alternatively, other products are perfect for children’s play areas to allow them to develop fundamental physical skills through fun activities. These can even help children with physical learning difficulties to become more confident. See our post on playground games for children with dyspraxia to learn more about these.

We can install specialist rubber mulch surfacing for the gym area to create a more comfortable flooring surface.

Keeping Fit Through Life

The external gym machines are great for schools and colleges. They allow children to have an introduction to fitness equipment in a familiar environment. This could then encourage them to join a gym and stay active in their adult life if they enjoyed doing the different workouts.

Studies of UK schools have found that many children have low levels of activity and this is contributing to poor health and obesity. With an improvement in school sports equipment and community facilities, it’s easier for children and other members of the community to increase their exercise levels.

Health Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Taking part in regular exercise in an outdoor environment has many advantages to overall health and quality of life. Sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D which promotes healthy bones and teeth. The fresh air also contributes to relaxation and happiness. People will often be more likely to continue outdoor sports over an extended period of time. More than they would continue working out in an indoor gym.

This is because outdoor activities like team games are generally more enjoyable and this encourages people to continue them regularly. Any form of exercise is beneficial for anyone looking to manage their weight, or simply improve their own personal fitness. So an activity that’s enjoyable and easier to stick to will always have more health benefits.

Several people can use the outdoor gym machines at the same time. This means you can enjoy being active with your friends and family, or even make new friends with other people. If you have children and you’re trying to involve them in sports and exercise, a fitness facility at a local park is a great way to do this as a family. Through spending time with others and meeting new people, there is a range of mental health benefits. These are often both short and long term.

Play Equipment Budgets

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford a gym membership, these outdoor facilities allow you to get the same benefits for free. This along with the fresh air, social interaction and overall health advantage makes it easy to understand why external fitness facilities are becoming more popular. By having different types of equipment in school play areas, the kids can make the most of their outdoor environment by enjoying different games and being active.

Please complete the contact form on this page to get in touch with us. We’ll answer any questions you have any questions about the benefits of outdoor fitness equipment in schools and public spaces. If you would like to install one of these facilities, we would be happy to supply you more information. We can discuss everything including the costs of different machines that are available.

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