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Surface Types

We have a great range of different surface types for you to choose from depending on your surfacing needs.

Who Are Soft Surfaces Ltd?

Soft Surfaces Ltd was established in 1997 and we have progressed over the last decade to become the leading playground and sports facility surfacing installers specialising in the installation of wetpour flooring, multi use games areas and synthetic grass sports pitches.

We are playground construction specialists and one of our core business activities is the installation of wet-pour in-situ safety surfaces, we can assist you with any element of your outside play area requirements. Our services also include the design, construction and maintenance of a range of sports facilities including synthetic grass pitches, multi use games areas and athletics tracks. If you’d like to find out more about our sports division, please click here to visit our alternative sports website -

As an experienced sport and play surfacing contractor, Soft Surfaces Ltd are driven towards offering excellent value and top quality products. We have a wealth of in-house expertise and our friendly and knowledgeable team are available to assist you with all your sport and recreational surfacing needs. Whether you’re installing a new play area for a nursery, a multi use sports court for a school, or a professional athletics track, we can offer advice on all aspects of the project.

Soft Surfaces Ltd have been members of the API (Association of Play Industries) for over a decade, as well as being CHAS accredited (Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme). We are also a Construction Line approved contractor in playground safety flooring and sports facility surfaces. All of the projects we carry out are completed to a high standard to ensure maximum performance and safety characteristics for each of the surfaces we install.

We work with our clients to develop bespoke specifications and designs which meet their needs in terms of the budget, functionality and appearance of their facility. If you would like to discuss designs, costs and installation for each of the surface types we install, or if you are interested in maintenance and repair to an existing facility, please get in touch with us today and we’ll offer you some professional advice with regards to your enquiry.

Play Area Surfacing

At Soft Surfaces we are the UK’s leading play area surfacing company who can carry out projects across the country. There is a wide variety of playground flooring available for your play area, which will meet your needs, requirements and will be a very suitable surface for your facility. The surfacing that we have available include EPDM wet pour rubber crumb, rubber mulch, activity flooring, safety surfacing and artificial grass. These surface types are popular for play areas, parks, schools and nurseries because there are many benefits and they are ideal for children to use.

The flooring that we commonly install to playgrounds and are frequently asked about is wetpour rubber surfacing. This is the most popular safety flooring for areas which young children will be using, this is because it is a safe surface which meets the necessary safety standards and Critical Fall Height (CFH) needed. Wet pour is available in a range of bright colours, including multiple blues, greens, reds, purples, oranges, yellows, pinks and even multi-coloured graphics. The benefits of having wet pour are that you have safety flooring which is porous, UV protected, non-toxic, durable and it lets you be creative and make a unique surface as graphic designs can be inserted into the flooring.

Rubber mulch is also a playground surface installation which we commonly carry out, this recreational flooring is used for areas which want their surfacing to look natural. It is also a safety surface and is often used around play equipment as safety surfacing. Rubber mulch has the appearance of loose bark which the advantages of being safe.

Synthetic turf is great as there are so many advantages, it is a long lasting, hard wearing surface which requires a low amount of maintenance and it is environmentally friendly as it doesn’t need watering or even cutting! Artificial grass can be used in playgrounds, we normally suggest that they have safety flooring if they have play equipment, such as climbing frames and slides, just because if a child was to fall then a wet pour floor or rubber mulch surface would be a lot safer.

A lot of schools have come to us to ask us to install some type of activity flooring in their playground. Activity surfacing can be a range of artificial surfaces and even macadam, it just depends what the client is looking for. If you want something which can be used in a schools PE lessons then you could have a macadam court, which a range of line markings on it. Some facilities have a tarmac surface and want to brighten it up a bit, they could choose to have thermoplastic markings installed. These types of markings are quick to apply and they are a cost effective way to renovate your flooring. As well as being fun, they can be educational as well, this is because of the range of markings which are available. There are some to meet each key stage and are suitable for all kinds of ages and learning purposes.


Multi use games areas are a popular surface to have in schools, parks and leisure facilities. This is because having a MUGA lets you play multiple games on one surface, rather than having a court which is only suitable for one type of sport. The games and activities which can be played on a multi-sport court varies, this is because it is dependent on the type of surfacing the pitch has. Normally, a client will come to us and explain what they want to use the MUGA for; a common choice is netball, basketball and tennis. We are able to install surfaces for other sports such as football, rugby and hockey.

The types of surfaces which we have available are polymeric, macadam, needlepunch, 3G artificial grass, 2G sand dressed and 2G sand filled and each of these fits into different price ranges. Type 1 and type 2 multi-use games areas have macadam flooring and are ideal for basketball and netball. Type 3 & 4 are MultiSport polymeric NBS Q26 230 in situ polymeric sports court surfaces which are suitable for netball, 5-a-side football and basketball. Type 5A MUGA specifications are 2G sand filled turf, this is good for football and hockey. Multi use games areas with type 5B have a 2G sand dressed surface, this is great for recreational and professional hockey matches as it provides a smooth ball roll. Type 5C has a synthetic needlepunch surface, this has many uses such as football, hockey and athletics. The last type of specification is 3G, this is artificial grass which is commonly used for football and rugby and provides similar playing characteristics to natural grass. As there is a wide variety of designs and surface types to choose from, we are able to guide you in the right direction and aid you with the whole planning and installation process, as well as helping you to source funding for the work.

When people have MUGA sport surfaces installed, it is crucial that they have line markings applied. This is to make sure that the rules and points for the games being played is clear. We recommend that they have different coloured markings for each sport; this allows it to stand out and make it clear for the players and the spectators who may be watching.

Carrying out regular maintenance for a MUGA is very important; there are two main types of maintenance, proactive and reactive. Proactive is the cleaning you do you prevent any damages occurring and reactive maintenance is done to fix and repair any surface problems. If you have a multi use games area which has been damaged then you should have the issue fixed as soon as possible. This is because leaving damage can make it worse and can increase the amount of reactive specialist maintenance needed. We offer a bespoke service for MUGAs and we have carried out all kinds of maintenance projects across the UK to a high standard.

As we are specialists we can design, install and carry out professional cleaning and repairs to a top grade, please get in touch with us if you’d like more information on our MUGA services including an idea of costs for our work.


Athletics surfaces act as excellent facilities for a variety of establishments such as leisure clubs, schools, colleges and many other locations across the country. Ensuring your athletics facility is installed by a professional is crucial, as doing so will guarantee that your sport surfacing is safe for those who use it, allowing individuals to reach their maximum potential when utilising the facility.

We are a highly trained athletics surfacing installation company, with a long history constructing these facilities at several locations across the UK. Surfacing types and specifications for athletics tracks vary, and each one is available with a wide variety of colour choices, line markings and designs to ensure your facility is perfect for a range of sporting events and matches your requirements.

The two most popular surfacing specifications for running tracks are EPDM polymeric rubber and sand filled Multisport needlepunch surfacing. The process of installing EPDM polymeric rubber involves mixing a binder solution to rubber granules that are then laid across a macadam sub base. These polymeric running tracks offer an excellent amount of grip for athletes, enabling those using the facility to compete with others without worrying about the surface compromising their performance.

Sand filled needlepunch surfacing is made up of a synthetic turf carpet which is then infilled with sand and allows athletes to utilise a surface that is softer on foot than its polymeric counterpart. This surface type is much better suited for those looking to use the facility in a non-competitive environment, as the softer nature of the facility is perfect for primary schools who ensure that the safety of the pupils remains a priority.

In addition to this, maintaining your running track is imperative as failing to do so can lead to the surface becoming unplayable and dangerous. A lot of maintenance work can be carried out by the owner of the facility. This involves small jobs such as sweeping and brushing debris from the track to ensure that the area does not become contaminated. Additionally, those who own an athletics facility should be prepared to remove snow/ice from the surface during the winter months, as if left on the flooring this can also lead to permanent damage. We strongly advice that regular maintenance is carried out to your athletics area all year round, as these simple maintenance jobs will extend its lifespan save the owner a lot of money.

Despite this, if your athletics facility has become contaminated or damaged over the course of time and is in need of professional maintenance work, we can also provide resurfacing and refurbishment services for existing facilities to ensure your surface returns to its playable and visually pleasing state. If you have any questions regarding athletics surfacing maintenance or installations and the costs involved please feel free to contact us about any of the services we provide. We can also offer help with applying for funding to improve your athletics facilities so don’t hesitate to enquire for more details.

Sports Surfacing

We offer a huge range of different sports facility products and services to our clients. As a company we can accommodate a wide variety of different sports and activities, ranging from football to tennis and athletics. Our installers construct 3G football pitches up and down the nation, creating perfect facilities for athletes and students to use to help hone their abilities. We offer the latest innovations in 3G artificial grass and synthetic turf surfacing for both training and professional facilities. Our services also include the construction of multi use games areas, more commonly known as MUGAs, these facilities are perfect for schools that have little room and budget but great ambition in the range of sports they want to play!

The multi use games areas we install can be specified to a huge range of different sports, we can accommodate these different activities by having the facility surfaced with a variety of different carpets. We offer a sand filled turf carpet that is perfect for sports such as hockey and football, but if you’re using the facility primarily for football and rugby we would recommend the 3G surfacing. We will walk you through the best options for your facility to ensure you get the product you need. Our team can install all of our different sports facilities to a variety of surface types and specifications. We can also create bespoke designs for athletics tracks and long jump runways which are installed for both competitive and recreational use. With our technical expertise we can keep the specification to fit within your budget, this could mean offering you alternatives to certain products or helping to design a facility that is smaller, but still offers everything you need.

However our knowledge in the sports industry doesn’t just stop at construction and installation, we also offer a huge range of services that are designed to keep your synthetic turf facility in the best possible condition. If your institution has a pre-existing facility that has begun to lose its characteristics, then we can offer you a sports pitch maintenance service to bring back the original quality. However we strongly recommend that you set up a proactive maintenance schedule to ensure that the overall performance and safety of your facility remains good throughout its product life. If you are unsure whether or not your facility requires maintenance, we have a service for that too. We can come to site and conduct surface testing to help diagnose the issues your facility has, and the best courses of action to take with regards to repairing them.

Resin Bound

Resin bound stone is a permeable paving specification installed on in schools, colleges and roadways throughout the UK. The porous decorative stone surfacing is ideal for pathways, driveways, walkways and footpaths because is hard wearing, looks great on the eye and is suds compliant allowing water to soak through the surface.

Resin bound gravel is a very durable surface type, needing little maintenance once installed. This is fantastic for those choosing to have this surface type installed as a driveway, as regular use will not cause any wear to the drive. Additionally, having a resin bound driveway installed will also ensure that no contamination is able to build-up and affect the conditions of the surface. This means that your driveway will remain aesthetically pleasing, whilst continuing to be smooth and safe all year round. The best surface type for resin bound surfacing is a macadam base due to these surfaces SUDs compliant capabilities.

In addition to this, resin bound gravel makes for a fantastic pathway for a variety of establishments. This can either be in replacement of an existing cracked or damaged surface, or as a completely new pathway facility. Resin bound surfacing is perfect for walkways as this surface type will not crack or break, making sure the pedestrians using the walkway will remain safe at all times. This can act as an excellent advantage for schools and colleges in particular, as these establishments remain adamant that the safety of their pupils remains a priority at all times. Furthermore, having a resin bound stone pathway is fantastic all year round, as the surfaces porous qualities enable individuals to use the path all year round without having to worry about the pathway potentially flooding.

This surface type is also very well suited to tree pit surrounds as the water that gathers in the tree pit is able to drain through the resin, enabling the tree to absorb the water it needs whilst ensuring no weeds or build-up are able to grow through to the tree itself. This can act as an excellent advantage for those with trees at their establishment, as it ensures the trees life will be prolonged whilst adding a visually appealing aspect to your facility.

AAnother advantage to this surface type is that it can be specified in a variety of different colours and designs to make sure that your facility looks exactly how you want it to. Having a wide range of resin bound specifications is often a great advantage for schools, colleges and houses, as this allows individuals to select a colour that matches their facility to their liking.

The prices of resin bound surfacing varies depending on the size of the area, the type of job and the specification requires, and to gain a further understanding into how much a resin bound surfacing would cost at your facility make sure to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can with an informative response to your questions.

Surfacing Specifications

At Soft Surfaces Ltd we can install any type of sports or play surfacing specification to meet your criteria from safety flooring in playgrounds to FIFA approved football pitches in artificial grass. The specifications are set out by RIBA under the National Building Specification also known as NBS.

When looking into a specific type of flooring option then there is a lot to consider before choosing which you think looks the best as each surface type has different qualities. For example if you are installing an impact absorbing play surface around trees we would recommend rhino rubber mulch surfacing, however if a nursery would like graphics in the surface like hopscotches, roadways, numbered games and alphabet designs then the wet pour rubber tarmac surface is the best option.

The NBS specifications we install are listed below and include the play area flooring options along with the MUGA pitch options which can vary from a type 1 or 2 tarmacadam hard surface, type 3 or 4 polymeric sports surface to a type 5 artificial turf surfacing specification:

  • Permeable Resin Bound Paving - NBS Q23 225 proprietary resin bound chippings
  • Resin Bound Stone Tree Pit - NBS Q10 305 tree grilles and surrounds
  • Wetpour – NBS Q26 360 in situ laid polyurethane bound EPDM rubber crumb surface
  • Rubber Mulch – NBS Q26 360A rhino mulch in-situ synthetic surfacing
  • MultiSport Synthetic – NBS Q26 210 filled synthetic grass carpet surfacing
  • MultiSport Polymeric – NBS Q26 230 in situ polymeric sports surface
  • Artificial Grass – NBS Q26 350A leisure turf synthetic surfaces

The majority of the surfaces come under the header Q26 Special surfacing/ pavings for sport/ general amenity which are generally designed for sports pitches or impact absorbing surfacing for play areas. These are all certified and can be tested to British Standards with testing under BSEN 1177 for use with playground equipment such as climbing frames, roundabouts and swings.

When architects and designers are looking to specify products they need to bear in mind whether the company or supplier has been trading for a minimum of 10 years, has CHAS accreditation, CONSTRUCTIONLINE and is associated to a governing body or group like SAPCA, API or sport specific body like FIFA, FA, FIH, AENA or IATS.

For further information or if you need any budget costs, prices or quotes on any of the above specifications please do not hesitate to fill in the contact form and we can assist you from initial feasibility surveys, designs, tender to project completion as well as sourcing funding for the work.

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