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Playground Markings

We can offer a range of thermoplastic playground markings services and they are all carried to a high standard, this is because we have a variety of experience. It is important for children to have fun and educational outdoor environments which a lot of different activities can be played in.

We install educational, cartoon, traditional and sports marking and they can all improve your existing facility for you visually and for the kids using it.

Contact us today for more details on playground markings and costs of school playground marking and we’ll be happy to supply some product sheets and a quote.

What are Playground Graphics?

Thermoplastic graphics are applied to tarmac surfaces and when installing thermoplastic markings, heat is applied to the graphics and it is melted onto the surface. The playground markings are versatile and are available in all different colours, designs and specifications.

You can choose from a selection of designs, sizes and colours to obtain a perfect set of playground marking graphics for your school. Many primary schools, nurseries and community leisure areas have the thermoplastic graphics to develop a vibrant and long-lasting finish.

One of the reasons why these graphics are so popular is because they could be educational for children. Since children learn more when outside taking part in games, it is important for schools to have educative designs installed.

The school playground markings services which we offer can completely revitalise and refurbish your macadam surface. Some organisations like kindergartens and nurseries ask us to paint their tarmac surface before we install the designs.

This is because when macadam is old it can look dull. It is a quick and simple process when painting macadam and can make it look like a brand new surface and this will also make the playground markings stand out.

We also complete servicing and renovation for tired thermoplastic markings which may have faded or grown to be cracked after a while. A large number of classic activities may be applied on the recreational flooring such as times tables grids and snakes and ladders.

Be sure to get in touch with our experts if you’d like a quote for installing colourful thermoplastics in your play area. We have a wide range of diverse designs available including both educational graphics and fun activities.

The costs for each will vary so feel free to let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll come up with a quote to fit with your budget.


Play Area Graphic Markings

These facilities are commonly found at schools, colleges and sports clubs as they cater for a diverse range of sports. Here are some of the key benefits of having a MUGA:

  • Suitable to use for a range of sports and activities
  • Versatile designs including hard court and artificial grass
  • Makes the most of your existing outdoor space
  • No need to install multiple facilities for different sports
  • Less maintenance is required as you are only looking after one area
  • School children can enjoy doing a number of activities

These are a few of the reasons why people choose to have multi-use sports facilities.

A lot of schools, nurseries, kindergartens and parks in the UK have play area graphic markings installed onto their macadam surface. The educational designs can be things such as:

  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Hopscotch
  • Number tracks
  • Alphabet games
  • Animals
  • Cartoon characters

The recreational designs can bring the community together and we have previously installed friendship stops and quiet areas. The design specification is endless and we are always looking for more ideas and possible graphics.

The thermoplastic playground markings are bright, colourful and available in a range of characters which can encourage active play.

Unique Playground Designs

Tarmac playground markings could be personalised to the organisations, some have logos applied. We have a range of KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4 thermoplastics available for these facilities.

Thermoplastic playground markings designs are durable and long-lasting and can quickly make your surface look great. Playground markings are quick to install and cause a minimum amount of disruption to the facility.

As well as being able to apply new designs and thermoplastics to the surface, we can also repair existing designs and carry out maintenance on them. Some facilities have old, worn-out line-markings and they want them to be removed because they make the surface look worse, we remove these playground markings and then re-apply different markings.

We also make old playground markings look new again; we can do this quickly by relining the designs and going over them again. It can give your playground a new lease of life.

Children’s Recreational Facilities

For the purpose of children’s recreational areas, thermoplastics typically improve the flooring and add colourful graphic designs. Youngsters can appreciate fun games in addition to increasing their fitness and acquiring crucial skills. They are ideal for all kids from primary to secondary school in both KS1 and KS2.

These kinds of markings may include informative games for many lessons including maths and geography. The most commonly selected graphic designs could be things like number grids, clocks, phonics and fun characters.

In this video you can see the installation of a thermoplastic roadway design for a nursery playground. This also included some cartoon graphics and a number caterpillar so the children can enjoy lots of fun activities.

The brightly coloured marking is perfect for getting little ones to be a lot more physically active and healthy, along with allowing them to have a good time in the fresh air.

Since obesity statistics are rising among kids in the United Kingdom, these playgrounds are an excellent strategy to tackle the issue directly in primary schools. We offer our playground marking to several different types of locations including nursery play areas of various sizes.

Specialist thermoplastic is applied to install these kinds of surface markings, promising maximum strength. Since small children will be running around and playing on the line markings, it is essential that they be secure. We may install the coloured play marking on existing tarmac surfaces to help improve the facility. Kids of any age and capabilities can have fun with the games using the surface markings.

Playground Marking Specialists

Our company offers an abundance of designs and styles for these graphics so they may be perfectly suited to your primary school. A great deal of school play areas, kindergartens and open public leisure areas get the thermoplastics put in to develop a decorative and long-lasting facility. If you have any out of date and aged playground marking we are able to improve these.

Our team can apply maintenance to make sure they look fresh and exciting. We also use well-known activity graphics like snakes and ladders and hopscotch and other timeless favourites.

If you wish to develop a sports space for the playground, we may also include thermoplastics for a number of other events. This truly helps to build kids’ physical fitness and activity throughout the day. In the UK children’s activity levels are not as high as they could be, and having these play areas can help tackle this problem.

Alongside the physical and mental benefits of play surface marking, there are also numerous social benefits for the children. They can master critical abilities like group interaction and problem-solve through playing different games. Through doing this, the youngsters will be able to come together as a team as well as participating in distinctive games.

Installing Play Surface Designs

The installation procedure of thermoplastic graphics is quite quick and simple, minimising disruption at primary schools and kindergartens.

The graphics will be put on top of the play area surfacing in the chosen position. Then they will be heated up so they soften and stick to the tarmac. The finished product is a strong and colourful design that is good for improving the appearance of a playground.

If you wish to make your primary school play facilities more fun, these playground designs are a great option. Youngsters will be able to learn better in addition to strengthening their health and social skills with these exciting outdoor play designs.

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