Colour Coating Daily Mile Track

Colour Coating Daily Mile Track are an amazing installation to the perimeter of your tarmac area. The premium high durability paint PlastiRoute® and RollPlast® are

Thermoplastic Markings Daily Mile Track

Thermoplastic Markings Daily Mile Track is a cost-effective installation to improve the provision for The Daily Mile Initiative at your school tarmac playground. The Thermoplastic

Needlepunch Daily Mile Track

Needlepunch Daily Mile Track is a colourful outdoor carpet type material very popular for Daily Mile Tracks. Needlepunch surface (aka safeturf or multisport synthetic surfacing)

Wetpour Daily Mile Track

Wetpour Daily Mile Track is a porous rubberised surface that can be utilised all year round. Although wetpour is an amazing playground surfacing specification it

Rubber Mulch Daily Mile Track

A Rubber Mulch Daily Mile Track is a superb solution for an all-weather surface area for children to complete the daily initiative of The Daily

Artificial Grass Daily Mile Track

An Artificial Grass Daily Mile Track is a superb all-weather surface specification. Being a durable surface children can complete The Daile Mile 365 days a

The Daily Mile Track

The Daily Mile™ is an amazing initiative in the UK that aims to improve physical, emotional and wellbeing. With schools looking to embrace The Daily

Social Distancing Floor Markings

Floor markings to control social distancing is advisable in all public places. We have worked endlessly to get our floor marking design approved by the

World Kindness Day 2019

World Kindness Day is an annual event and this year it is celebrated on 13th November. It was first launched back in 1998 and can

Wet Pour Surfacing in Harrow, London

What was the specification? :  Wet pour surfacing at 40mm depthWhat colours were used? :  Terracotta red EPDM with coloured graphicsWhat was the size of the job? :

Resin Bound Installers

We are professional resin bound installers in the United Kingdom and have over 22 years experience within the surfacing industry. Resin Bound Installation Have a

Wetpour Installation in London

What was the specification? :  Wet pour surfacing at 40mmWhat colours were used? :  Green EPDMWhat was the size of the job? : 75m²How long did the job

Wetpour Installation in Caerhun, Conwy

What was the specification? :  Wet pour surfacing at 40mm depthWhat colours were used? :  Black, Blue, Green and various graphicsWhat was the size of the job? :

What is Self Binding Gravel?

Self Binding gravel is a simple surface which is formed rolling specialist stone aggregate into place which binds itself into a multipurpose pathway. This is

Polymeric MUGA in Haringey, London

Polymeric surfacing is the perfect all round surface for a multitude of different sports including basketball, netball, football, tennis and much more. Not only is

Polymeric MUGA in Kennington, London

Polymeric sports surfacing can dramatically improve the look and playability of your MUGA. Whether refurbishing an old, tired macadam surface or starting from scratch, polymeric

Creative Play Ideas for Kids

In the past, we’ve been guilty of overlooking the importance of creative play for kids. It’s now recognised as an important type of play, that

School Adventure Trail Designs

Bring out the child in your planning, as you get imaginative with the playground space. It’s amazing how easy it is to turn land into

Wetpour Installation in Rothwell, Leeds

What was the specification? :  Wet pour surfacing at 40mm depthWhat colours were used? :  Green EPDM with coloured graphicsWhat was the size of the job? : 49m²How

How Do Wet Pour Repair Kits Work

A wet pour repair kit consists of the right ratio of rubber and polyurethane binder to mix and carry out small repairs yourself on site.

Wet Pour Installation

When looking to install wet pour surfaces, there are a few vital steps you must take. This is to ensure you get a smooth, continuous

Benefits of Wetpour

The installation of wetpour can bring a whole host of benefits to a play area. This includes enhancing the safety of the surfacing around play

What are 3G Pitches?

3G pitches are synthetic sports areas with a sand and rubber infill which are mainly suited to football and rugby. At Soft Surfaces, we have

Wet Pour Design Options

There are many different wet pour design options available when you are having a new play area installed. With over 22 years in the sports

Playground Installation Options

Soft Surfaces help many nurseries, schools and play parks across the country with their playground installation options. Playground Designs Explained Please see the video below

What is Rhino Pave?

Soft Surfaces have many years experience in the surfacing industry and are often asked about Rhino Pave surfaces and its uses. Rhino pave is a

What is Tarmacadam?

With many different surfaces available in the sport and play industry, Soft Surfaces are often asked about tarmacadam and the areas where it can be

What are Athletics Tracks?

At Soft Surfaces, we are often asked questions about athletics tracks and the different types of surfaces that are suitable for them. Athletics Tracks Explained

What is Resin Bonded Gravel?

Resin bonded gravel is a non porous scatter coat system which provides a similar finish to traditional loose gravel. Each granule isn’t individually coated to

Nursery Playground Works

Soft Surfaces have been trading in the sport and play industry since 1997 and have extensive knowledge of nursery playground works in the UK. Nursery

What Are Playground Markings?

Playground Markings are a variety of designs and patterns that can be laid, sprayed and heated into a surface. Having markings installed on a surface

What is the Tennis Court Builder?

We are often asked about out unique tennis court builder service on our Soft Surfaces website. This can really help to get a better understanding

What is Resin Bound Gravel?

Resin bound gravel is made from mixing stone aggregate with a polyurethane resin and pouring and screeding over a prepared sub base to the correct

What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial Grass or Leisure Grass is natural looking plastic replacement for turf. This easy and low maintenance surface is becoming increasingly common in domestic properties

What is a MUGA?

MUGA is an acronym for Multi Use Games Area, there are a wide range of different surface finishes and a variety of different sports and

What is Critical Fall Height?

The Critical Fall Height (CFH) is the maximum height that you can fall to the ground. This would generally refer to climb and play equipment,

What is Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch is a single layered system with a wooden bark like appearance. It is constructed of recycled material that has been shredded into chunks.

What is Wet Pour?

Wet pour is a rubber safety surface made up of small granules of rubber mixed with a polyurethane binder. This is mixed on site and

School Playground Ideas

Has your playground got a patch of land that could be put to better use? Are you unsure of what to do with it? Do

SEN Playground Equipment for Schools

Playgrounds are meant to be an area which everyone can enjoy. However, they can sometimes be incredibly daunting for children who have special needs. This

Playground Furniture for Schools

There are many different types of playground furniture for schools which you could install to create a more functional outdoor space. Some examples can include

Imaginative Play Ideas for Kids

Kids can take part in many different activities to have fun and develop as a person but one of the most popular is playing imaginative

Outdoor Playground Roadway Design

One of the most common products that we have installed for schools and nurseries is an outdoor playground roadway design. These will feature the layout

School All Weather MUGA Pitches

A lot of schools often have numerous pitches designated to different sports. This can take up a lot of room as well as being costly.

Top 5 School Playground Trends

Creating a perfect playground can sometimes be a huge task as many people don’t know what type of equipment to have installed or how to

Encouraging Risk Taking in Outdoor Play

During children’s developmental years, it’s good to encourage risk taking in outdoor play. Allowing them to take certain risks can help with developing motor skills

Polymeric Long Jump Essex

If you are looking for a professional athletics finish, the polymeric rubberised surface is the perfect option. The rubber shockpad and coloured EPDM finish provides

Primary School Playground Equipment

You’d be amazed just how much of an integral part primary school playground equipment can make to a child’s development. A good education is essential,

Inclusive Playground Equipment for Schools

With times changing, playgrounds are becoming a lot more accessible for children who have certain disabilities. These types of playgrounds are known as “inclusive playgrounds”

Expressive Arts Playground Ideas

Expressive arts make up some of the most important factors of children’s early development in any learning environment.  While the classroom may be used to

Ofsted Requirements for Outdoor Play

Meeting Ofsted’s expectations can be incredibly stressful for a school due to how important it is. Getting a great rating can easily boost your popularity

How to Maintain a 3G Pitch in Winter

With the popularity of 3G pitches increasing, a lot of people are wanting more information on how to maintain them with the utmost efficiency. Throughout

Domestic Driveway Paving Ideas

Looking to redo your existing driveway?  In need of domestic driveway paving ideas as part of a whole new look for your home?  Driveways can

Benefits of 3G Sports Pitches

3G sports pitches have become a lot more popular recently due to how people are slowly realising how much more beneficial they are compared to

Outdoor Play Area Ideas for Kids

Outdoor play can be fun by itself but sometimes it can become stale and uninteresting if its repeated to often. This blog will explore some

Den Building Ideas for Schools

New ideas are being needed for schools as they want to develop certain skills for kids, so they can have brilliant skills when they are

Early Years Outdoor Play

No one can deny how many benefits outdoor play has to offer for children in their early years. With youth obesity being at one of

Playground Equipment for Schools

Schools are now being pressured by the government to try and increase health and physical activities within the school. This is due to the rapid

UltiColour Porous Asphalt Surfacing

UltiColour premium asphalt surfacing offers an exciting range of colours to create a beautiful space that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. The premium quality

How is Artificial Grass Installed?

Recently, artificial grass has seen a huge increase in popularity in a wide variety of locations. Whether that be homes, nurseries and schools, sports facilities

School Playground Marking Designs

Playgrounds are a place where kids can become incredibly imaginative and playful with a wide variety of equipment. However, when the equipment is fully occupied,

School Athletics Track Designs

Out of all sporting activities, none are as famous as athletics. Due to the wide variety of sports that are offered through it, a lot

Nursery Play Activities for Children

Activities are incredibly important for children’s development in certain skills and thinking methods. Giving them such a wide range of activities can only benefit them

Resin Bound Driveway Paving

Many different surfaces are used when it comes to driveways, but one of the most popular types of surfacing is resin bound stone. This material offers plenty

Outdoor Maths Games for Children

Subjects can be incredibly boring throughout the early years of school. Playing outside is preferred a lot more over staying inside. This often results with

Artificial Grass Enquiry Process

It is important to have a straightforward artificial grass enquiry process because when clients ask for information, they should receive it as soon as possible

Multi Use Activity Surfacing Designs

There are lots of benefits of having multi use activity surfacing designs installed; the main advantage of having a multi-purpose sports facility is that a

Slippery Manhole Anti Slip Application

There is a growing concern amongst UK cyclists and motorcyclists with regards to manhole covers on roads which become slippery and dangerous during wet weather.

Resin Bound Gravel Manhole Covers

Stone paving is a popular surface type for domestic driveways because it is decorative, provides porous SuDS compliant properties, and is durable for use with

Benefits of Outdoor Gym Equipment

There has been an increase in the use of outdoor gym equipment in school playgrounds and public parks throughout the UK. These facilities can be

Resin Bonded or Resin Bound Gravel?

There are two main types of resin gravel surfacing available for outdoor areas. These options are resin bonded and resin bound stone systems. But what

Wet Pour Resin UV Colour Change

EPDM rubber playgrounds are installed at many school and nursery organisations. Something that can affect these projects is a wet pour resin UV colour change.

Wetpour Sub Base Specifications

Wetpour rubber surfacing is extremely popular for children’s play areas throughout the UK. It is made up of a two tier system consisting of an

Resin Bound or Block Paving

When looking at the different surfacing options to install for your driveway, you will more than likely come across resin bound gravel and block-paving. Both

Safety Flooring Services

  What is Safety Flooring? Safety flooring is a surface commonly used in play parks, school grounds and nurseries, since it is an attractive and

Sport England Primary Spaces PS4 Design

Many primary schools in the UK have been granted funding through Sport England’s Primary Spaces scheme (application now closed) which enables them to have specialist

Developing Multi Ability Play Areas

All children have different levels of ability in both physical and academic skills, so it’s important that schools create multi ability play areas in an

Astro Turf Sports Pitch Contractors

There are many sports pitch contractors in the UK who can install 3G all weather synthetic turf sports facilities but we are premium contractors who

Netball Court Construction in Stockport

We were recently approached to carry out a netball court construction in Stockport to refurbish an existing sports court. The facility had become damaged and contaminated

Triple Jump Sand Pit Rubber Edges

Triple jump and long jump events are becoming very popular at schools, colleges and clubs throughout the UK. The London 2012 Olympics has been introducing

Outdoor Football Court Sports Surfaces

Outdoor football court surfaces can come in many different forms of size, dimensions and specification and this makes the construction and maintenance of the surfacing

Costs to Build a Long Jump Runway

When your organisation chooses to build a long jump runway, it can sometimes be difficult to decide on a budget and surfacing specification to suit

Sand Filled MUGA Surfacing

Astro turf sand filled MUGA surfacing is a popular sports facility which can be used for a number of different sports on the same surfacing,

Synthetic Grass Surfacing Options

When you choose to install a brand new artificial sports pitch for your school, college, club or leisure centre, it’s important that you explore all

Fibre Bonded Needlepunch Sport Surfacing

Synthetic fibre bonded needlepunch surfacing is a durable and long-lasting sports pitch material which provides excellent performance qualities for a range of sports including football,

Play Area Surface Graphic Markings

We are able to install play area surface graphic markings for many outdoor facilities. Schools and nurseries often have these thermoplastic designs applied so children

Play Area Line Marking Specification

Our expert team can install a bespoke play area line marking specification for macadam playground surfaces in the UK. These markings come in a range of different graphic

Artificial Cricket Wicket Surfacing

Artificial Cricket Wicket Surfacing is supply and installed throughout the UK to ECB approval by many contractors and installers. The ECB approve systems to make

Professional Tennis Court Painting

We carry out professional tennis court painting for a range of facilities at schools, clubs and domestic homes. The paint acts as an anti-slip safeguard that

Domestic MUGA Construction Specialists

Soft Surfaces Ltd are specialist groundwork and surfacing contractors who specialise in the sports sector constructing sports courts / multi use games areas for residential and

Rubber Wetpour Sphere 3D Globe

A rubber sphere can be a great addition to a design of playground, park or urban area. The spheres offer a decorative touch that can

Synthetic Turf Sports Fields

Astroturf synthetic all weather grass sports fields are now becoming a very popular choice for schools, sports clubs and local authorities. The sports surfacing involves

Synthetic Turf Football Field

The synthetic turf football field specification is now widely used for a number of sports facilities across the UK. Artificial pitches are ideal for schools

Synthetic turf Sports Surface Suppliers

Soft Surfaces Ltd are specialist contractors in the external sports surface sector. We have installed and constructed many different sports surfaces and these include 3G


SURFACINGS FOR SPORT PITCHES, MUGAS, ROOFTOPS 120       SURFACING FOR MUGA, SPORTS PITCHES, ALL WEATHER FIELDS Type: Unfilled Synthetic Turf Anticipated usage: to be confirmed Priority

Playground Wet Pour Flooring In Rutland

Oakham, Uppingham and Cottesmore are areas of Rutland where our contractors have completed installations of Wet pour safety rubber surfacing. Wetpour is an in situ 2

Synthetic Turf Pitch Ball Roll Tests

Synthetic Turf Pitch Ball Roll Tests is carried out to newly installed artificial sports pitches, synthetic sport courts and multi use games areas. The sports

Play Area Safety Surfacing De Icer

Start planning for winter by ordering your playground de-icer now. Don’t wait till it snows or the first hard frost to appear and ice everything

Why Air Compressed Rejuvenation?

Rejuvenation is normally carried out on full sized synthetic grass surfaces and is designed to remove contaminated infill from the pile of the sports surface.

Red EPDM Rubber Crumb Surfacing Suppliers

Red EPDM Rubber Crumb Surfacing Suppliers in the UK supply many installers, contractors and surfacing companies with their rubberised chippings for play grounds, parks and

Multi Use Game Areas Surface Finishes

Multi use game area surfaces can come in 3 different forms. Polymeric surface, Porous Macadam and 3G 3rd generation artificial synthetic grass and all have

Sport Pitches Surface Finishes

Sports pitches surface finishes can now be taken down to 3 real choices. 3G artificial 3rd generation synthetic grass, Polymeric EPDM rubber and Porous Macadam

Rubber Tarmac Flooring

You may have seen children’s outdoor play facilities which have bouncy flooring to protect against injuries. Usually this will be underneath equipment like swings or

Multi User Sports Court

Multi user sports courts are special areas that are designed for external sporting use, available for most climate conditions and lots of different sports. There

Pole Vault Runway Construction

Pole Vault is now becoming more popular with sports clubs and schools as an athletics event. This is likely due to the Olympics and other

Pole Vault Run Up Surfacing

Pole Vault runway surfaces are now being re built and upgraded. The UK is now having extra funding for these works due to the Olympic

Athletics landing Sand Pit Covers

Athletics landing sand pit covers are now an essential part of sand pit maintenance and Health & Safety. Sand pit covers are normally supplied on

Floodlight Multi Use Games Area

Floodlit Multi Use Games Area is a multi use sports area which has specialist surfacing. The MUGA can come in various different sizes or dimensions

Coloured Play Safety Surfacing

If you are looking for coloured play safety surfacing, you might be interested in EPDM wetpour rubber. The EPDM wet pour rubber surfacing colour options

MUGA All Weather Surfaces Finish

MUGA all weather surfaces are now common place in schools and sports clubs as they provide a modern, safe sporting complex which has been specially

Twin Bar Panel Ball Court Fences

MUGA Twin Bar Panel fencing is an attractive option for any sporting project which requires a high quality perimeter fence. A standard specification for this

Recolouring Sports Court Surfaces

If you have a tarmac or polymeric sports court, you may be interested in details regarding recolouring sports court surfaces. Recolouring your sports surface is

Outdoor play surfaces suppliers

Soft Surfaces are Outdoor play surfaces suppliers throughout the UK being able to supply all types of safety surfacing from EPDM rubber crumb, bonded rubber

Porous Polymeric Surfaced MUGA

Porous Polymeric Surfaced MUGA is installed throughout the UK on multi use games areas for children and kids to play varied sports on. It is

Size of 5 a Side Court MUGA

5 a Side MUGA sports courts have a minimum playing size of 25.91m x 16.76m. The dimensions you choose will depend on the design you

MUGA Anti Slip Sports Coatings

MUGA Anti Slip Sports Coatings are installed on all types of sports courts throughout the UK. A multi use sports facility is generally coated to

Children’s Play Area Flooring

Children’s play area flooring can vary for indoor surfaces and outdoor playground facilities. Lots of places such as schools and nurseries can have these different

Seamless Rubber Play Area Surfaces

Seamless Rubber Play Area Surfaces is an insitu applied safety surfacing flooring applied on play areas and playgrounds. The seamless system is available to be

Moisture Cure Polyurethane Binders

Moisture Cure Polyurethane Binders are used on polymeric surfaces and impact absorbing playground surfacing areas. The PU binders have been used for years as adhesives

MUGA Nationwide

Soft Surfaces are able to design, construct and maintain MUGA sports pitches throughout the UK. The construction can involves a multitude of works including groundworks,


Q26 Special surfacing/ pavings for sports/ general amenity IMPACT ABSORBING SURFACINGS FOR PLAY AREAS 300 EXTENT OF IMPACT ABSORBING SURFACING · General: Lay to the


Q26 Special surfacing/ pavings for sport/ general amenity IMPACT ABSORBING SURFACINGS FOR PLAY AREAS 300       EXTENT OF IMPACT ABSORBING SURFACING General: Lay to the impact


Q26 Special surfacing/ pavings for sport/ general amenity IMPACT ABSORBING SURFACINGS FOR PLAY AREAS 300       EXTENT OF IMPACT ABSORBING SURFACING General: Lay to the impact

LEAP Local Equipped Area for Play

LEAP is a Local Equipped Area for Play that is needed on building sites when building a certain amount of houses or apartments. The LEAP is


Guidance has been produced regarding kids play with two main sources of information: Fields in Trust (FIT), formally NPFA, and Play England. Play England provides

Resin Bound Rubber Mulch

One popular outdoor surface type is resin bound rubber mulch. This is made from 100% recycled tyre rubber shred, which is then colour coated. This

Safe Play Area Surface

We can install a safe play area surface for your outdoor facility to prevent kids from being injured while running around or using equipment. One

Why you should use an API member??

1. Quality in Play Confirm your play supplier is part of a recognised play-body. All API member companies adhere to a Professional Code of Conduct

What is a Wetpour Repair Kit?

Wetpour is a rubber surface which is often used in children’s play areas to provide safety qualities and colourful designs. It is becoming increasingly popular

Rubber Spheres Play Equipment

Rubber EPDM spheres can be used in parks and gardens and even city streets, as a piece of play equipment, as seating or just a

Rubber Safety Surface Overlay

Do you have an existing wetpour surface that has shrunk at the edges and has rips or tears? There are a few options you could

Pressure Washing Clean

After arriving on the site for tennis courts, mugas, playgrounds or play areas all equipment to be used is moved into a safe enclosure. This

Safety Surfaces for Playgrounds

One of the most popular safety surfaces for playgrounds is wetpour. This is often referred to as rubber tarmac or soft play area flooring. This

Playground Surfaces Letter

Soft Surfaces Ltd is a Specialist Wet-pour Safety Surfacing and playground construction company providing services to the public and private sectors.  As a reputable company

Protective Playground Flooring

There are many types of protective playground flooring for a children’s play area. These are designed to absorb impact if a child falls while running

All Weather Pitch Sports Surfaces

All weather pitches are a synthetic sports pitch constructed in artificial grass. These sports surfaces can be line marked for multi use sports so one

3G Sports Pitch Construction

We have constructed and installed hundreds of 3G pitches around the UK. What is a 3G Pitch? A 3G pitch is a Third Generation synthetic

Wetpour Graphics Rubber Inserts

Having wetpour graphics rubber inserts installed within children’s playground flooring brightens up the impact absorbing safety surface. The rubber inserts are new to the market saving

Type 3 Polymeric Surfacing MUGA

Type 3 polymeric surfacing MUGA facilities are rubber surface specifications which are ideal for a variety of sports with the main sport as netball. Other activities played

Tennis Court Construction

Tennis facility construction project for a facility which is also utilised as a MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) for a variety of sports. The completed

Elastic Shockpad Layer

Elastic insitu shockpad layers are installed under the installation of artificial grass on sports pitches. A elastic shockpad is a resilient layer between the sub base

Wetpour Colours

Wetpour safety surfacing can be installed in a selection of colours but it is worth noting that only one touching colour can be installed in

Sports Rebound Fence

Soft Surfaces are the leading sports rebound fence contractors throughout the UK. We can offer the full scope of works from design, construction and maintenance.

Recessed Manhole Covers

  Installers of Manhole Covers UK It is a well known fact that Playground surfacing are designed to protect children, however sometimes within play areas you may

Playground Surface HIC Safety Flooring

Playground surfacing is installed throughout the UK to protect children on play equipment. Playground surfacing has progressed year on year and there are several different

Sports Surface

Soft Surfaces Ltd are offering every type of sports surface within the UK from macadam, polymeric, needlepunch to synthetic turf sports pitches. They all have

Wetpour Nationwide

Nationwide Wetpour Installers Soft Surfaces Ltd carries out wetpour surfacing throughout the UK. We have been established 15 years and travelled throughout the UK, Ireland

Play Area Safer Surfacing

Play area safer surfacing is a common name used within the children’s outdoor playground surfaces. Other names which are often used for this safer surfacing

Artificial Grass Nationwide

Artificial Turf Construction UK Artificial Grass is all the rage throughout the UK whether it be a synthetic turf sports pitch for a professional football

Rhino Turf

  Rhino Turf Surfacing If you’re looking for professional installers of Rhino Turf surfacing within the United Kingdom, then you have come to the right

Health and Activity Levels in Children

Activity has a massive impact on children’s wellbeing and studies have proved that taking part in activities actually benefits individuals in more than one way.