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Soft Surfaces are committed to offering ‘Best Value’ through our commitment and technical excellence. Soft Surfaces have a wealth of in-house expertise and our friendly, long-serving, knowledgeable staff, are available to assist you with all your playground and impact absorbing surface requirements.

Wet Pour Surfacing

Essentially the most demanded product or service we’ve being offered is EPDM wet pour flooring EPDM rubber is the equivalent of very soft tarmac. This flooring is far safer in comparison with tarmac as it is spongy to touch decreasing the dangers of any impact accidents through trips as well as accidents. Because of this EPDM rubber flooring would be well suited for play-areas as small children can regularly be utilising it so this means it needs to be a safe to make use of service. We conduct a wide selection of products available meaning that you can get all the things you will want while not having to go to various building contractors. Obviously the largest assistance we’ve got being offered is the installing of this flooring.

When installing this surface it’ll have a 2 level system, the very first layer will be a shock pad This impact pad is made to support children while using the establishment in case they will tumble making the facility much safer. The top layer in the flooring is the wetpour rubberized crumb; this may be set up above of the shock-pad to finish the system. The top tier can be given to be a great deal of various shades to offer your establishment a individuality. The surface can be fitted using graphical inserts, they’re meant to retain youngsters interested in which teaching them useful skills and encouraging thinking. The entire appear and feel of your centre is completely up to you, ensuring you obtain the surface that you would like. We have a number of other safety surfacing options available too, which can be used in place of this rubber surfacing.

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Outdoor Safety Surfacing

What is Wet Pour?

Wet pour is a type of safety surface which may be installed to playgrounds and play areas to create a much safer environment for young people. The wetpour surfacing can be installed in various depths to meet particular requirements. Generally, you will need to have a thicker surface for areas which have higher play equipment installed. This is due to the Critical Fall Height. The CFH will be more for higher equipment and depending on the surface type we will install over.

For more information on impact absorbing surfacing, please get in touch with our team and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity with details on the EPDM rubber surfacing.

We are Playground Construction Specialists and our ‘core’ business activity is the installation of wet-pour in-situ safety surfaces, we can assist you, with any element of your outside play area requirements. If you’d like to see an example of out wetpour installation work, please see the video below:

Wetpour Graphics Designs

Wetpour rubberized surfaces is actually a bouncy and also safety surface area that may be found would i know if i had herpes within recreational areas, play ground and academic centers. Wetpour surfaces is actually a porous surfacing, which means that fluids may go in to the surfacing. Wetpour permits you to create your individual type of surface and even add EPDM inserts. It will be possible for you to choose from a selection of various visuals. The EPDM inserts may be customized in dimensions as well as design to suit your area.

If you wish to discuss the wetpour graphics which we have available, please contact our team today and we can offer you details on the different colours and specifications which you can buy for your school, park or nursery.

Specialist Playground Graphics Design
Playground Graphics Design

EPDM Rubber Inserts

The graphics are not only put in to look great, they provide a great as well as an academic surroundings for your pupils. The reason being number games, alphabets, hopscotches plus much more may be installed. A common play area theme is road-ways and also classic games. Quite a few centres make a decision to get animal EPDM inserts because they’re acceptable for what the kids are studying.

All of the inserts are produced in their shape prior to the setting up of the surface. The inserts are put into the wetpour during the fitting of the wearing layer. There is a wide selection of inserts available, on the other hand we are able to additionally produce new graphics so please let us know if you’ve got an idea. We can modify specs of wetpour inserts in order to match your budget and facility. To find out more about the costs of these surfaces, please click here.

How to Install Wet Pour Surfacing

If you’re interested in how to install wet pour surfacing, it is important that you get a professional to carry out the work:

  1. Prepare the sub base with compacted stone and macadam if required
  2. Install the shockpad
  3. Place graphics in required areas
  4. Mix the EPDM rubber granules with the binder
  5. Lay the wetpour mixture over the desired areas

Our installers can carry out wetpour installation to top quality standards and offer a great price for the works. If you’re interested in having the wetpour installed by our specialists, please get in touch today.

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We would love to tell you more about the installation process. If you would like to speak to us regarding installing EPDM rubber surfacing at your school or nursery, please complete our contact form or give us a call today and we will be able to provide you with a free quotation. As a specialist playground installation company, we aim to offer the best value for money when carrying out play area surface installations, so please do not hesitate to speak to us.