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Existing Safer Pour Rubber Surface Renovation With Recap Overlay

Wet Pour areas are commonly known as ‘rubber tarmac’ or ‘safer pour’ and can become worn, damaged or slippy overtime. It is possible for rubber to shrink at the perimeter and move away from any existing edge. If this does occur there are a number of rubber surface renovation solutions to get your wet pour surface looking spick and span again! If it is just the band that has moved away from the edge it would require a chase or channel cut to be applied around the wet pour perimeter edge. Once cut channel cut is then usually filled and screeded with a different colour EPDM wearing course sitting flush up to the existing edge, this gives your rubber play area a fresh new look.

Rubber Surface Renovation

In the instance where your safer pour surface has shrunk at the edge and become worn, damaged and slippy, this can be corrected by carrying out an overlay or a recap, this again would involve cutting a chase cut to the perimeter but also applying a 15mm EPDM wearing course to the whole existing surface making a slight grading back to the existing edge.

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