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How to Repair Rubber Playground Flooring

If your Wet-Pour surface has become dated and damaged it is possible to repair it yourself. Here at Soft Surface we now supply an easy use DIY kit that contains enough materials to resurface any small defected area. Each kit is stocked with sufficient materials and instructions to repair an area of 0.5m2 to a depth of 15mm.

Each kit contains:

  • EPDM rubber wearing course in any colour.
  • Single part moisture curing polyurethane resin (SSPT 46).
  • Single part moisture curing polyurethane primer (SSPrimer) and brush.
  • Latex gloves.
  • The bucket doubles up as the mixing container.

The only extra equipment you will require is a Stanley knife along with a float or screed such as a hand trowel, an item to stir/mix the rubber granules and the binder as well as some soapy water to coat the screed with.

Prices for the wetpour surfacing repair kits are dependent on colour:

  • A 4 kilo black repair kit costs £29.50 + VAT and carriage (optional)
  • A 5 kilo colour repair kit is priced at £38.50 + VAT and carriage (optional)
  • Discounts apply to large orders.

Collection or delivery can be shaped around your availability.

Soft Surfaces Ltd also offer a repair service for larger areas that require attention. If you would like any more information about repairs or any other of our products please fill in our contact form and we’ll come back to you with some professional advice.

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