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Endurance MMA Surfacing is a high-durability sports surface used across the UK on multi use games areas and sports facilities.

The Endurance cold-applied MMA high friction Surfacing is a Methyl Methacrylate material that is safe for children’s playgrounds and rated as the best surface specification for slip resistance for netball, tennis, basketball, football, and multi use games.

In our guide to MMA Surfacing for Multi Use Games Areas, we provide all the information on why this surface type has become the most popular hard-wearing surface in school play areas, heavy traffic parks, local sports clubs and leisure centres.

Why Has MMA Surfacing Been Voted The Number One Specification for MUGA Courts?

Endurance MMA Surfacing has been voted the number one high-durability sports surface by architects due to its hard wearing and long life playing qualities.

The two most important playing characteristics of a multi use games area surface specification are:

  • The lifespan of the playing surface
  • The slip resistance properties

When tested, Endurance MMA MUGA flooring was considered the best option for both longevity and slip resistance purposes.

This high friction surfacing is both safe and durable for numerous years, making it a perfect choice for multi use games area surfacing.

Endurance MMA Surfacing VS Polymeric MUGA Surface

The main difference between Endurance MMA Surfacing and Polymeric Rubber Surfaces is that the cold applied Methyl Methacrylate material is harder wearing and designed to last 2-3 times longer than the life of a polymeric rubber surface.

Polymeric surfaces are a rubber safety sports surfacing specification that is great for netball and tennis. However, if the surface is for a primary school playground with many children running on it or a public park, a more robust surface type like Endurance MMA coating is required.

Endurance MMA Surfacing VS 3G Synthetic Turf

The main difference between Endurance MMA Surfacing and 3G Synthetic Turf is the third-generation artificial grass is designed specifically for football and rugby purposes.

If you are looking to use the sports court for multiple sports, including netball, basketball, and tennis or as a heavily used play area the Endurance MMA coating is a much better specification. However, if the sports facility is specifically for a 5-a-side football pitch then the 3G artificial grass is a better solution.

Endurance MMA Surfacing VS Needlepunch

The main difference between Endurance MMA Surfacing and Needlepunch is the fibre-bonded artificial grass is limited in its design capabilities as you do not want many joints in the outdoor carpet.

A Needlepunch Multisport Synthetic is a great choice of outdoor carpet if the area is solely used for specific sports and never used as an overspill car park or hard-wearing playground area.

Endurance MMA Surfacing VS Tarmac

The main difference between Endurance MMA Surfacing and Tarmac is the cold-applied MMA surface treatment provides much higher skid-resistant properties. High friction surfacing is an important safety feature for both secondary and primary schools and should definitely be considered.

The Endurance MMA Surface can also be designed in multi colours and be used for the demarcation of sports lines.

Although anti slip paint can be added to tarmac surfaces as a cost effective solution, acrylic paint does not hide imperfections in existing tarmac surfacing like MMA high friction surfacing does.

Benefits of Endurance MMA Surfacing

Here are some of the main benefits of using Endurance MMA Surfacing:

  • Sports surface can also be used as an overspill car park (no other sports surfacing specification has highway grade testing data)
  • Longest lifespan of any sports surfacing specification
  • Can be installed in any shape or size
  • Clients can create bespoke designs to meet your requirements with any design achievable
  • Highest slip resistance properties of any sport surface
  • Demarcation of sports for multi use purposes
  • Can enhance the overall look and safety of your existing surface

There are many more advantages to the Endurance MMA Surfacing specification, including the fact that the product can be installed on old, tired-looking macadam areas.

How Much is Endurance MMA Surfacing?

Endurance MMA Surfacing costs £59 per m2 when laid over an existing tarmac surface.

The prices can fluctuate for Endurance MMA Surfacing depending on the size of the surface area and the colour of the design.

For the best rates of Endurance MMA Surfacing, simply fill in our enquiry form for a free no obligation quote.

Endurance MMA Surfacing Colours

Endurance’s cold applied MMA surface coatings are available in the following colours:

  • Red MMA Coating
  • Blue MMA Coating
  • Green MMA Coating
  • Yellow MMA Coating
  • Purple MMA Coating
  • Orange MMA Coating
  • Pink MMA Coating

We can install the MMA surfacing in a wide range of colours to meet any design specification.

The easy-to-install surface treatment is engineered to achieve the highest levels of durability, adhesion, and colour stability.


If your facility is looking for a bright, colourful surface that improves the slip-resistant finish and enhances safety, Endurance MMA Surfacing is the perfect surface choice.

Recently voted the number one sports surface specification for MUGA courts and Multi Use Games Areas, the tough and durable coating is very popular in schools, colleges, and public parks.

The grade of Endurance’s MMA finish has been assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001.

MMA line markings are designed to provide retro-reflectivity, surface adhesion, high durability, and reliable performance in high-stress locations. We want to offer the best way to mark high-traffic areas where durability and safety are the most important things.

There are many choices for surface types on MUGAs to meet the sporting playing characteristics. If the area is for heavy use, the highest grade specification is the Endurance MMA Surfacing product.

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