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Nursery Play Activities for Children

Activities are incredibly important for children’s development in certain skills and thinking methods. Giving them such a wide range of activities can only benefit them and help them develop into better and smarter people.

There are several nursery play activities for children which help with development in early years. Carry on reading to see some of our favourite games and features which are perfect for kids in this age group.

Outdoor Play Activities for Nurseries

Outdoor play can really benefit a child in a wide variety of ways. Ranging from allowing them to develop a better knowledge of the outside world to increasing health. By getting children to take part in certain outdoor activities, you can help them develop and grow more healthily. We have worked on many nursery play areas throughout the UK.

With children in nursery being new to the world, a brilliant way to introduce them to it is by going on a bug hunt. Letting children find the creepy crawlies will give them great insight into how other creatures are on the planet. It also sparks the imagination as children will be intrigued with the new organisms they have encountered.

Linking to this idea, growing plants is another great activity to get children into. Get them to pick their own seed and plant it. Through this, children will not only feel the excitement of seeing something grow, but they will feel true responsibility. Alongside this, the concept of time and patience is taught to them (which is great to teach at such a young age). Children can also reduce stress and anxiety with outdoor play and it’s a great way to improve mental health.

A personal favourite of a lot of nurseries is hosting some sort of mini Olympics. Offering a variety of different events will keep the kids constantly interested and excited. It also allows kids to learn the Olympic values, which will only benefit them as they grow up. You can also add your own created events or go for classic silly events like an egg and spoon race, wheelbarrow race, catch the water balloon etc.

These are just a few ideas for outdoor play activities for nurseries that can get you started. Check out our post on EYFS outdoor play as well to see different games which fit part of the curriculum. By implementing these activities into everyday play children not only enjoy the change of pace but will be able to learn at the same time.

Imaginative Playground Ideas

Playgrounds offer a wide variety of physical and mental benefits to children in nursery who interact with them on a regular basis. But sometimes people want to create unique playgrounds with some new imaginative playground ideas. Here are some creative ideas that we think are brilliant for imaginative play areas:

  • Tunnels, shelters, houses – By including confined spaces like this, children start to use their imagination a lot more compared to other means. These are also great for role-playing ideas, which will hugely benefit social skills and increase interest in certain areas.
  • Props – Having a little chest filled with simple props can mean a lot to children. By allowing them to role play and have an up-close interaction with the pieces, nursery pupils will enjoy the time they have playing with different items. Click here to find out more about expressive arts play areas for your nursery or school.
  • Art stations – Giving kids crayons and paper allows them to get the creative juices flowing in their heads. It’s incredibly effective to get them thinking imaginatively compared to other means.

Simple examples which can be applied to your playground or used as inspiration, these points are some great ideas for your playground and its ways to increase imagination skills compared to everything else. Check out this post to see some tips on how to maximise your own play equipment.

Sensory Play Activities for Nursery

Sensory play is sometimes overlooked but it is hugely beneficial for kids. Simple to include, there is usually no problems when it comes to including some sort of sensory play equipment. These usually result in a huge increase in the power of the senses and interest. Some examples of sensory play activities for a nursery include:

  • Water stations – Water is incredibly fascinating to children who are in the nursery. With easy access to water, including one of these isn’t an impossible task. Plus, they can be incredibly useful if kids get dirty hands or anything.
  • Sandpits – A classic when it comes to playgrounds for infants. Sand is an interesting material for children due to is properties of being soft, yet able to mould into solid structures. Including one of these would be a great way to grab the interest of the kids and they can keep themselves occupied for ages. Check out this post to find out more on the benefits of sand and water play.
  • Music walls – Not all sensory features are exclusive to touch. Music walls are installed with musical instruments built into them. Kids can experiment with these noises to create their own music tracks. The sounds will keep them interested whilst allowing them to build on their creative skills.
  • Craft stations – Kids are messy when it comes to art, but its been shown to be one of the most liked subjects for children. By giving children a table with a bunch of different art and crafts equipment, children can freely experiment and create some enjoyable pieces.

Again, these a just a few ideas and Soft Surfaces can help with the installation of many of these activities. If you are interested in installing some sensory play equipment, then contact us today for an enquiry and our team will respond quickly.

Children’s Playground Designs

Designing a playground is important as even the flooring can play a huge part. The most popular types of flooring are wetpour flooring and rubber mulch. These are soft flooring materials that can have shock pads installed to make any tumbles that occur on top of it less painful. In addition, these specifications come in different colours, allowing bright flooring to be installed to instantly grab the attention of kids.

In conjunction, playground graphics can be installed within wetpour (things like hopscotch, number grids etc.) which can interest the kids even more. For kids who are waiting their turn on the equipment, the markings can keep them interested and occupied in the meantime. Find out more about wetpour graphics for nurseries if you are interested in these products.

The other flooring option some nurseries go for is the grass mats. With the grass mats allowing grass to grow over them, they have a natural appearance whilst also making is a softer surface for any kids who may fall on top of it. This is great for those playgrounds which are located on fields as the installation won’t cost a lot. Check out this post for advice on how to get your playground ready for winter and to make sure it’s safe for the children.

When it comes to the equipment, however, it’s up to you. Ranging from slides to swings, climbing frames to poles, it all depends on what you want. If you have any enquiries, then please do not hesitate to call us and get the best price for playground installation and surfacing today!

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