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What was the specification? : Wetpour Rubber Surfacing
What colours were used? : Green, Yellow, Orange
What was the size of the job? : 230m²
How long did the job take? : 4 days on site

Wetpour Rubber Flooring Install

We installed this wetpour rubber surface for an outdoor space in Leicester. The client chose this flooring to go underneath play equipment and a canopy. It has a vibrant coloured design to make it a fun space for children to play.

Take a look at the video below to see the project in full.

Video Transcript

Hi guys it’s Dan here, and today we’re going to be showing you an Outdoor Wetpour Surfacing Install in Leicester.

So for this job we were emailed by the school that own this area, and wanted to create an outdoor playground that was safe for children to be using.

We discussed wetpour surfacing with them, and it’s many benefits as a play area flooring option. Before we knew it, we were on site installing the bespoke works.

So wetpour surfaces are widely believed to be the best option for outdoor playgrounds here in the UK, as they are made up of a spongy rubber compound.

This compound means that the flooring is great at absorbing trips and falls commonly seen during playtime, and in turn meets the critical fall height safety requirements needed for UK play areas.

As well as this, wetpour surfaces are a wonderful choice for places like schools, nurseries, universities and parks as they are perfectly suited to the outdoors. This is because it’s rubber qualities actually make the surfacing porous, able to simply absorb the rain that may effect other surface types.

Finally, for those wanting a playground they can customise, wetpour is the go to. You can have this fitted in basically any colour choices you like, and custom graphics can be fitted to the surface to help children learn during play too. This is another reason why so many opt for wetpour.

We’ve been installing and maintaining wetpour surfaces across the entire country for over 20 years now, and we’re happy to work on jobs of all shapes and sizes, so please do get in touch if you’re interested.

You can see from these images that the final job has been finished, and looks stunning in the multicoloured design. The school themselves were super happy with the work.

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Thanks a lot for watching this video guys, and to enquire today please contact us at or simply give us a call at 01625 445 760.

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