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Play Area Surface Graphic Markings

We are able to install play area surface graphic markings for many outdoor facilities. Schools and nurseries often have these thermoplastic designs applied so children can enjoy different activities when playing outside. The playground markings are a great way to brighten up a playing surface with a variety of coloured graphics on the floor.

They can also incorporate sports, educational features and bespoke design for the kids. Costs for these products will vary depending on the chosen specifications and the number of shapes required. However, we can offer a quote which is suitable for your budget.

To find out more about the wide variety of graphics we offer for kids’ playgrounds, please contact us today. Just let us know what you’re looking for by filling in our simple contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Playground Surface Markings

As a specialist contractor installing these thermoplastic designs we are able to offer bespoke options to fit your budget and imagination. Our experts can give a range of prices and determine a quote based on individual specifications. The choices are endless and here are some ideas many other schools have asked for:

  • Hopscotch thermoplastic graphics design
  • Roadway/pathway safety play area markings
  • Sports lines for netball, tennis, football, basketball, multi-use games
  • Colourful shapes and images
  • Numbers, letters and clocks
  • Personalised school and club logos

Looking above at the various options available, the majority of schools tend to design the playground flooring to a theme. Some of the most commonly used themes are educational for kids to learn as they play, road safety instructional features, fitness exercise layout and activity trails.

Play Area Graphics Installation

The playground marking shapes can be installed in no time so there is very little disturbance to a school’s recreational space or to a public park. The installation is carried out onsite within hours and the finish adds texture, high durability but most of all brighten up the surfacing with bright colours. The maintenance of play area surface graphics markings is also very simple as the designs only require brushing or spraying with a pressure washer to remove dirt. This makes it more cost-effective than other types of playground line marking which might need more maintenance.

These thermoplastic markings are very easy to apply but cannot be mistaken for standard painted shapes. The plastic material is much more long-lasting and hard-wearing against weathering and damage. The preformed shapes make sure that the graphic is precision cut so you get a consistent finish playing surface area. This, therefore, means that you will get a professional and clean look when the project is complete.

Playground Marking Case Study

Have a look at this video to see the process of installing these products. The coloured plastic shapes are laid out onto the existing tarmac surface in the desired area. Our team then apply heat so that they melt onto the floor and stick down securely. This leaves a durable and slip-resistant finish that will remain vibrant through everyday use.

All of our colourful games graphics are heat applied onto bitmac macadam surfaces. They are non-toxic and free from lead and chromates which creates a safe play area for kids. The specifications of thermoplastic playground designs need to include these safe characteristics.

Please ensure when searching for a reputable contractor or company in the UK you do the checks on how long the company have been established and the credit rating on the contractor. Otherwise, all warranties will be void if they are no longer trading should you have any issues with the installation.

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We can discuss prices regarding your play area surface graphic markings requirements. We’ll also provide quotes depending on the specification of each individual project.

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