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Rubber Outdoor External Playground Flooring

Rubber outdoor external playground flooring that is found in parks, play areas and playgrounds is known in the industry as a ‘Wet-Pour’ surface. A wet pour surface is created on site by combining rubber chippings with a single part resin such as polyurethane before being laid onto a pre-prepared base for example MOT Type 1 stone or macadam. These bases are preferred to ones such as block paving as they are seamless and porous making them SUDS compliant. This means that they allow water to filter through the system and drain into the ground suitably and effectively. This is much better compared to letting the water flow straight into other areas and drainage systems causing them to overflow in the instance of heavy rain. By having a porous playground surface, it also stops and puddles building up on the area and causing slip hazards for children using it.

If you are thinking about having rubber outdoor external flooring installed at your school or nursery, please take a moment to fill in our contact form. Send us over the details of your enquiry and we’ll give you some professional advice on the designs as well as an idea of the costs for installation.

The most common method of installation with wet-pour is a two-tier system, consisting of first a base layer or shock pad which is made from 2-6mm granules of SBR rubber which varies in depth depending on the critical fall height requirements of the surface being installed. The top tier or layer is what’s known as the wearing course is almost always a nominal depth of 15mm and is made out of 1-4mm EPDM rubber granules. There are many different colours of wetpour surfacing EPDM available for example red, blue or green you and there is even an option to mix a number of colours, to match any design ideas you may have. Prices and costs vary depending on colour, design as well as the size and dimensions of the areas being surfaced. However, if you contact us with your enquiry we would be more than happy to give you a quote.

We are proud to boast that we are a one stop contractor when it comes to wet-pour from supplying, delivering and installing. As a supplier of SBR rubber crumb, EPDM rubber granules as well as a playground surfacing installation contractor we can be competitive in our costs. Should you need any details on substrates, specifications or previous completed case studies please get in touch with us through the contact form where we can assist you with any enquiries you may have for a rubber playground surface.

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