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Slippery Manhole Anti Slip Application

There is a growing concern amongst UK cyclists and motorcyclists with regards to manhole covers on roads which become slippery and dangerous during wet weather. This has lead to severe road accidents where bike wheels skid on the wet metal making the rider lose control. A document released by the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) in 2007 stated that there is no minimum grip level specified by the European Standard EN 124. It was suggested that this standard should be amended to include minimum grip levels when the covers are manufactured. One proposed solution to this issue is to use a slippery manhole anti slip application which is put on top of the metal cover to provide more grip.

Many road users have been campaigning for improvements to highway designs so that these safety issues can be avoided. Some cyclists even write forum posts about their experiences to highlight the dangers and warn others about the potential hazards of wet manhole covers on roads. The slippery manhole anti-slip application is designed to add grip to the metal covers and prevent them from becoming dangerous and causing accidents in wet conditions. The skid-resistant material allows bike wheels to maintain their grip on the road instead of slipping on wet metal and leading to accidents.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in finding out more about the safety qualities provided by these specialist manhole covers, and how they can be applied to other areas.

Applying Skid Resistant Thermoplastic

The application process begins with cleaning the existing manhole cover to ensure there is no debris stuck to the metal and then making sure the cover is completely dry. Next, a specialist primer is applied and then PREMARK Anti Skid thermoplastic material is put onto the metal. This comes in the form of a sheet of thermoplastic cut to fit the shape of the manhole cover, the plastic is then heated up until it melts and sticks down. This heat applied plastic material contains a high density of glass grains that have been processed to remove any sharp edges. These glass grains become completely embedded within the layer of plastic, therefore creating a rough-textured surface that resists skidding.

Once this application is complete, the anti-slip layer will remain extremely durable and resistant to wear through heavy use from a range of vehicles on the road. The slippery manhole anti-slip application is quick and simple so it saves time and reduces disruption on public roads. This process is also much more cost-effective than other options like installing completely new skid resistant manhole covers.

Thermoplastic is an extremely versatile material that has a lot of other uses for both safety and decorative designs. The material can be used for children’s play areas in the form of coloured graphics and designs, as well as car parks, paths and public steps. With regards to road safety, having a non-slip manhole cover can prevent injuries and save lives by stopping bicycle and motorbike tyres from skidding when the surface is wet.

Please contact our team today if you would like to look at some product sheets of the skid-resistant thermoplastic material and find out more about how it’s installed. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with all the information you need with regards to costs.

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