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Ulticolour Porous Asphalt Surfacing

UltiColour premium asphalt surfacing offers an exciting range of colours to create a beautiful space that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

The premium quality asphalt surface offers high performance with top grade, coloured aggregate whilst also remaining completely porous. The permeable nature of the surface ensures natural drainage of water making it SuDS compliant.

What is UltiColour Tarmac?

Ulticolour tarmac is a solid surface made up of the highest quality materials. The finest coloured aggregates are blended with hot tar on site and laid flat to create a striking, long lasting surface.

Tarmac Ulti Colour is found in many different areas including schools, nursery play areas, colleges, universities, sports clubs, commercial buildings and residential properties throughout the UK.

If you are looking to brighten an old, tired area with a surface that can be used for countless different purposes, the Ulti Colour is the perfect alternative to traditional asphalt, concrete or block paving.

Benefits of UltiColour

Ulticolour surfacing offers a wide range of benefits. The 5 main advantages are as follows:

  • Define space – having different colours for areas is perfect in schools, commercial buildings and roadways where it is important to differentiate between uses.
  • Safety – including coloured roadways in nurseries so they can learn road safety.
  • Low maintenance – Long lasting, durable surfacing.
  • Visibility & Navigation – clearly mark entrance and exit pathways.
  • Aesthetics – upgrade from regular, boring asphalt surfacing.

Ulti-colour is perfect for any area that needs a unique, hard-wearing, the all-weather surface that can be used for various different purposes.

6mm Aggregate Porous Tarmac Specification

This specialist tarmac specification is fully porous meaning that it is suitable for Driveways, footpaths, pedestrian zones, playgrounds and much more.

The coloured tarmac specification isn’t often considered the perfect solution for sports surfacing as it doesn’t meet the slip resistance for certain sports. Netball courts require a slip resistance of 75 TRRL and generally require a more extensive coating of slip resistance.

This being said, Ulticolour tarmac perfect alternative to block paving which requires extensive upkeep to remove weeds, moss & algae.

“The Ulti Colour coloured surface has absolutely transformed the look of my driveway and side entrance and has made it so much easier to maintain, year round!”

John- Fleetwood

UltiColour Applications

UltiColour decorative surfacing can often be found within parking areas across the UK.

This includes residential parking, commercial parking, retail car parks, estate roads, outdoor path surfacing and driveways. Ulticolour can be installed wherever a solid but attractive surface application is required.

Ulti colour tarmac specification -10mm is specifically designed for larger porous parking areas which need to remain SuDS compliant.

Ulti colour tarmac specification – 6mm is mixed with a porous binder making it the perfect solution for driveways in commercial and residential areas.

With the technical knowledge and vast experience, you can rest assured that your surfacing will be installed to the highest standard.

Ulti Colour Options

Ulticolour asphalt surfacing is available in a number of different colours. There is something for everyone to match the colour themes of any schools, colleges, sports clubs etc. and ensure that the surface finishes off the surroundings nicely.

Please see examples of the colour range below:

  • White
  • Light Buff
  • Buff Quartzite
  • Buff Gravel
  • Natural Gravel
  • Natural Quartzite
  • Orange
  • Classic red
  • Terracotta
  • Light Grey
  • Mid grey
  • Dark grey
  • Leaf Green
  • Classic Green
  • Mid Blue

This includes many neutral colours available for areas that need to blend in with the environment. These work really well in natural landscapes such as parks, country lodges and cottages.

UltiColour Specification Review

It is clear to see that Ulticolour macadam provides a high-performance finish which instantly transforms the environment.

Not only does it look fantastic but it also serves a major purpose in a wide range of different locations.

Ulti colour hard surfacing is the preferred alternative to regular macadam which can often be described as boring and uninspiring. Obviously, there are occasions that regular black macadam is opted for however it is always good to have the option to brighten an area and make it more personalised.

Ulti Colour serves a fantastic purpose in the surfacing industry however it is always important that you carry out checks on all potential installation companies before placing orders. This includes how long the company has been trading, references, case studies etc.

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