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How Do Wet Pour Repair Kits Work

A wet pour repair kit consists of the right ratio of rubber and polyurethane binder to mix and carry out small repairs yourself on site. The kit can either contain base (SBR) or wearing course (EPDM rubber depending on the extend of the repair.

Soft Surfaces have been trading since 1997 and have plenty of experience within the play surfacing industry. We have created the perfect mix of rubber granules and specialist glue which enables anyone to carry out small localised repairs which saves on cost and time (a precious commodity for most schools and nurseries).

Wetpour Repair Kits Explained

Please watch the short explainer video below which goes into more detail on out wetpour repair kits.

Please see transcript below:

00:00 Hi guys, it’s Dan from Soft Surfaces here. Today we’re going to be explaining what are wetpour repair kits. So over time, your wetpour playground can actually become damaged from the amount of use, or the weather conditions, which means a small repair may be required. As long as it’s not a complete resurface that your surface needs, then a wetpour repair kit can be a great solution for this.

00:18 So the wetpour repair kit itself can consist of a bucket of wetpour in the color required, a tin of binder, a tin of primer, and a pair of gloves, which is absolutely everything you need for a small repair. These repairs are actually so simple that generally the playground owner themselves will carry out the repair itself, saving valuable time and money.

00:36 For the last 20 years here at Soft Surfaces, we’ve been sending out wetpour repair kits across the entire United Kingdom, to various bespoke playgrounds, and making their small repairs incredibly easy. So if you’d like any more information about this, or you’d like to inquire about a wetpour repair kit, please visit us at

For more information on wetpour repair kits including colours, costs and how to use them, please get in touch today and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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