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Wet Pour Safety Flooring Concrete Sub Base

The wetpour safety flooring is compiled of 15mm wearing course sat on top of a shock pad formed by bounding rubber granules and polyurethane resin on site. The size of the shock pad depends on the critical fall height of the equipment the Wet Pour flooring is surrounding.

Installation of Wetpour Safety Flooring

When laying the rubber surfaces on a concrete sub base we must dig to a depth of 150mm plus the depth of the surfacing required. The concrete sub base will be laid in the middle of 50mm PCC edges made up of either concrete or treated timber. This is then filled with 75mm of MOT type stone and 75mm of no fines concrete which is compacted to ensure a smooth finish. No-fines concrete consists 15-20mm of limestone chippings which is mixed with a neat cement to ensure a substantial base layer for the soft wetpour safety flooring which is porous allowing the drainage of surface water to reduce the risk of flooring or damage.

Laying wetpour onto a concrete sub base would be ideal for areas that have been previously concreted saving both time and cost, however if the concrete already exists it is may not be SUDS compliant as with the no-fines concrete. Using the concrete sub base would lower the critical fall height meaning a larger diameter of rubber shock pad would be required. Soft Surfaces lays seamless Wet Pour insitu and have recently bought the materials from a recently bankrupt company named easifall international who had been trading many years in the UK so it is always advisable to credit check all installer, contractors and companies.

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