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What Are Playground Markings?

Playground Markings are a variety of designs and patterns that can be laid, sprayed and heated into a surface.

Having markings installed on a surface can be beneficial for thing such as safety, education and a stimulus. Areas such as car parks are critical to have markings on to make sure pedestrians have safe areas to walk and to cross.

Other great reasons for Playground Markings are to get children to engage with the surface maybe having the option just to play games with a target laid on the surface or numbers and letter designed to educate children with Maths and English.

At Soft Surfaces, we aim to improve play areas across the UK. One way of doing this is by supplying and installing playground markings to brighten old, dull tarmac areas.

Playground Markings Explained

Please watch our playground markings video below which explains the different types of markings available.

Please see transcript below:

00:00 Hi you guys. It’s Dan from Soft Surfaces here. Today we’re going to be explaining what playground marking are. Playground markings are essentially designs that can be applied to existing tarmacadam surfaces and it can really help transform your play area.

00:12 A great thing with these, is that they’re heat applied and they’re a thermoplastic product, meaning they’re very quick and easy to install. They can transform the entire area very, very quickly.

00:20 You can choose from a variation of both educational or recreational products to have installed. For example, the educational markings can be number and letter based, to help education. Whereas the recreational markings can be used more for activity and health.

00:33 We have plenty of experience installing these products and we feel as though we’re the company to go to if you’re looking to have them installed.

00:38 If you’re interested in any more information regarding playground markings, please feel free to visit us at

We also have an extensive range of graphics that are available for certain surfaces. Schools and nurseries are always keen to have their own unique designs placed into their surface.

For more information on playground markings at your nursery or school, please get in touch today and we can provide some professional, friendly advice.

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