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What Is a Wetpour Repair Kit?

Wetpour is a rubber surface which is often used in children’s play areas to provide safety qualities and colourful designs. It is becoming increasingly popular amongst schools due to the safety assurances that it provides such as the impact absorbing design that helps to prevent injuries during play times.

Playground Wetpour Repair Kits

To complete any safety surfacing repair you must first purchase a low-cost Soft Surfaces wetpour repair kit. The wetpour repair kit contains the following contents: EPDM rubber crumb, (SSPT) polyurethane Resin and polyurethane primer (SSPrimer) the latter comes with a brush applicator. Wetpour repair kits have also been prepared by mixing the correct ratio of colour EPDM rubber crumb granules with polyurethane resin together to complete a wetpour repair of an area up to 0.5m² at a depth of 15mm. Each wetpour repair kit contains EPDM rubber granules available in various colours, please see our Colour EPDM chart within our product information tab on this page. Also included is a pair of latex gloves which should be worn to protect hands. The container that the wetpour repair kit is supplied in also acts as a useful mixing container.

Full installation instructions are on each mixing bucket. Soft Surfaces also supply a wetpour de-icer which will allow you to prevent the wetpour surfacing from becoming slippery and hazardous during cold weather and through the winter. If necessary, please feel free to enquire about any of the repair kit contents as our experienced staff members are always available to offer any advice you may need with regards to wetpour repair kit costs or help with maintaining your existing surface so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by filling in the enquiry from found on this page.

In some cases, a wetpour shrinkage repair could be required as a result of the wetpour’s occasional vulnerability to shrinking or expanding, particularly with the fluctuating weather in the UK. As a result of this, the rubber can become at risk of separating from the edge it was laid upon, consequently requiring a rapid fix due to potential trip hazards for children through cracks and crevices left by the shrinkage or expansion. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you take good care of your wetpour surface by regularly brushing to remove dirt and debris that can get stuck in the pores of the wetpour as it can also lead to waterlogging in the wet conditions. However, if the surface is in need of maintenance, please contact us as we can easily repair it for you. In any case, we can restore the wetpour by filling the gap around the edge of the playground with a fresh application of EPDM rubber, often in a different colour to create a contrasting border. But we often recommend a decorative looking shape and filling the shape with a different colour of rubber mixture. This is because the colour of the wetpour can fade over time and sometimes the new rubber will not match the colour in the existing area.

Regular Rubber Surface Maintenance

It is vital to have any necessary wetpour surface repairs done as soon as possible to avoid potential more severe problems and therefore higher costs. If this is the case for you, completing our contact form and sending us details of the issues you’re having will allow us to respond with a quote for carrying out the maintenance and wet pour repair. Please feel free to browse through the rest of our website if you’re interested in other playground surfaces or the installation of a new wetpour play area. You can also fill in our contact form if you would like to discover more about the costs of wetpour repairs and our experienced staff members are always available will be able to offer any advice you may need with regards to wet pour repairs kit costs or help with maintaining your existing surface so feel free to get in touch with us.

Please make sure you look around the rest of our website if you’re interested in any of our other outdoor playground products or if you need advice on maintenance, designs or costs for wetpour safety surfacing at your recreational facility. If you would like some further information on prices for our repair kits, please feel free to complete the contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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