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What Is Wet Pour?

Wet pour is a rubber safety surface made up of small granules of rubber mixed with a polyurethane binder. This is mixed on site and laid over a prepared sub base.

The base layer or shock-pad layer is an SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber). This has slightly larger granules to provide an absorbing quality to the wetpour.

The wearing course is smaller granules of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Modified). This is laid at a thickness of 15mm as a standard finish.

We mix the rubber with a polyurethane resin which cures and sets to sustain the elements all year round.

The base layer comes from recycled materials and is always black. The wearing course appears in a variety of colours and designs.


Below is a short video that explains wetpour surfacing in more detail.

Please read the transcript below:

00:00 Hi guys, it’s Dan here from Soft Surfaces and today I’m just going to create a quick video to explain what wet pour is. So wet pour is a porous rubber safety surfacing that is used across play surfaces throughout the UK, and also worldwide.

00:10 Our surface is actually a safety focused surface. So what I mean by that is we have a critical fall height that we have to match. If a child were to fall, then they’re less likely to be injured on the surface than on other surfaces.

00:20 Soft Surfaces has over two decades of experience installing these surfaces nationwide. Our rubber wet pour surfacing is available in a variety of colors and educational specifications, which we can discuss in other videos.

00:30 For more information about wet pour surfacing, and the services that we offer, please visit us at

Wetpour is an ideal surface for areas such as children’s playgrounds, nurseries and public parks which provides a safer environment to allow children and parents to relax and enjoy the area.

If you would like any additional information in relation what wetpour rubber is, please get in touch today for some professional advice.

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