Rubber Spheres Play Equipment

Rubber EPDM spheres can be used in parks and gardens and even city streets, as a piece of play equipment, as seating or just a decorative touch.  For architects and designers who want to add shape and a different dimension to any existing school playground, the rubber spheres are endless.

These products are being used throughout the entirety of schools, play areas and recreational locations within the UK, as they offer a great amount of fun for kids whilst acting as a nice decorative touch to these facilities.

Types of Play Area Spheres

Generally, these play area spheres really can vary in colour, size and specification.  The rubber spheres are available in either full or half spheres, and to make things a little easier, we have created these bullet point lists of the dimensions and colours available:


  • 300mm in diameter
  • 400mm in diameter
  • 600mm in diameter


  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Purple

What are Rubber Play Spheres?

Rubber Play Spheres are ball of soft EPDM rubber designed specifically for playground surfacing. These play area additions make for great platforms for children to exercise and play on, whilst ensuring that their safety remains the priority at all times. As these surfaces are made out of soft materials, they ensure that the critical fall heigh (CFH) regulations and safety requirements are met. 

These Spheres can be specified in loads of different colours and sizes depending on what you’re looking for. Some clients like to have a mixture of the two, whilst others prefer to keep to a colour scheme or certain size! 

Playground Spheres for Schools

We believe that playground spheres for schools are an excellent addition for pupils, as they help to encourage play, co-operation and teamwork.  We believe that this is crucial for the education and development of youngsters, and as a result feel as though our spheres and generally our play equipment we can offer really does help!

Schools can simply enquire on our website or give us a quick call if interested in these products, and as we work with hundreds of schools throughout the UK we 

Cost of Playground Safety Sphere Installation

The cost of playground safety sphere installation is hard to calculate until we fully know what types, sizes and colours of spheres you are looking for. In addition to this, the distance we have to travel almost influences the final cost of these products, however even with all of these factors taken into consideration we take pride in the fact that we offer these products at an incredibly competitive rate.

Please do not hesitate to phone our head office on 01625 445760 if you need any help on funding, budgets, quotes, prices, costs, designs, specification, specify a product, suppliers, contractors, maintenance, repairs or site surveys / visits.

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