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School Playground Surfacing

There are many different specifications to choose from when installing school playground surfacing. The most important thing will usually be to keep the children safe and ensure they have fun using the facility.

A variety of products are available with unique properties which help meet these criteria.

Activity Surfacing Designs

A popular service that we carry out for surfaces in schools, nurseries and other areas is the installation of activity flooring graphics. We may install rubber inserts and artificial turf designs to create fun and educational games for children to enjoy at play time.

Studies show that children generally learn more during play time, which is why it is important to have educational designs for them to enjoy.

Our team will be more than happy to discuss the various graphics we have available, so please do not hesitate to speak to us by filling in our contact form provided.

The benefit of having a multi active games space for kids is they can do different activities all in one area. This is for both during lessons and in extracurricular clubs. T

here are diverse line markings and colours for ball sports, square grids, circles and many other design options. One space can be utilised in numerous ways so that each child can take part in an activity they enjoy.

Our multi-activity surfacing services also include the supply of additional play area equipment such as basketball hoops, football nets and games panels to create a fun and interactive outdoor space for kids of all ages.

We have helped many schools with designing and constructing unique and engaging multi activity surfacing which support kids in both physical and cognitive development.

If you would like some advice on designs and costs for activity surfacing installation, fill in our contact form today and we’ll get back to you!

Safety Flooring Types for Schools

One of the most popular safety surface types that we install is wet pour. This is made by mixing EPDM granules with a specialist binder. We then lay this mixture out onto an impact-absorbing base course which is made from SBR rubber and acts as a shockpad to provide the safety qualities.

We can install the two tier wet pour system in a range of depths. It all depends on the Critical Fall Height rating needed for any play equipment in the area.

Other safety flooring types that we install for school playground surfacing include grass mats, bonded rhino mulch and loose bark. The rubber mats come in honeycomb shaped tiles of 1.5m x 1.5m.

We can install these to existing natural grass areas to allow the grass to grow through the holes. This then covers up the appearance of the rubber, giving a natural look while still creating a safe surface.

Bonded rubber mulch is installed as a continuous surface made up of rubber chippings which are mixed with a binder, this specification may be installed onto most existing outdoor areas.

The loose bark is similar to rhino mulch however it is not bonded, so loose chippings are scattered over an existing play area.

We install a number of safety flooring types for schools and we will look into your specific situation to help you choose the best option. If you’d like our advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply complete the enquiry form provided and we will respond right away.

We can create designs for rubber safety surfaces along with hard play area flooring depending on the needs of your school. Many different designs are available and we can tailor these to suit you. If you have a particular budget in mind we can also try and offer a quote which would be most affordable.

To discuss an installation of any of these playground surfaces, get in touch with us today. You can fill in our short contact form and a member of our team will get back to you with more information on the costs and specifications.

Be sure to let us know if you have any design preferences or a particular price range.

School Play Area Surfaces

Along with the soft rubber safety flooring, we also install school play area surfaces in macadam. This specification provides a durable and versatile outdoor area where kids can play a number of recreational games and sports.

Each of the NBS specifications we install for playground surfaces for schools can come in a range of brightly coloured designs. They may also feature games that the children can enjoy and incorporate into their academic subjects.

We provide wetpour graphics as well as thermoplastic markings which create numerous activities such as maths games, letter snakes, maps and grids to allow kids to be active as they learn and play outdoors. We can make the specialist marking designs in conjunction with the National Curriculum for Key Stages One, Two, Three and Four. It just depends on what your school needs.

Nursery Play Flooring

Have a look at the video below which shows the process of one recent project. Here you can see our team installing a wetpour playground surface at a school.

The design for this play area incorporated different types of equipment. It also featured a roadway and number activities to help kids learn.

Types of Playground Surfacing

There are a range of different types of playground surfacing options and we have included some of the top surfaces below.

Endurance MMA High Friction Surfacing

If you are looking for a high durability and anti skid surface for your playground or sports facility, Endurance MMA surfacing is a perfect choice.

This cold applied high friction surface is a Methyl Methacrylate material which is safe for play areas and offers the very best slip resistance compared to other surface specifications.

The surface offers great longevity and durability, lasting 2-3 times longer than your average rubber surfacing.

Endurance MMA high friction surfacing is available in various colours and many designs can be included to meet your individual requirements. The surface can also be laid over existing tarmac surfacing, hiding any imperfections in the surface without the additional costs of a full resurface.

For more information on MMA surfacing, please complete our enquiry form today.

Multisport Synthetic Needlepunch Surfacing

Multisport synthetic surfacing if great for a number of activities and can be used for multiactivity spaces and play areas. Needlepunch is great for schools and nurseries, since the young children will like the bright colours which the surface comes in.

This can also help to improve exercise levels both in lessons and outside of school time.

Below is a video of a project we completed recently at a school in Cumbria. We refurbished the area in PS15 surfacing to create a brand new games space. The kids can use this in PE lessons, break times and extracurricular clubs.

The existing tarmac area was used as a sub-base and we laid out the Multisport synthetic turf surfacing in the chosen design. We did this by securing it around the edges and at the seams.

Have a look at the video now to see the full construction work from start to finish:

We are specialists in designing and installing school playground surfacing and nursery play flooring and have worked with many organisations throughout the UK. We use our products to keep kids safe and help them learn outdoors while playing fun games and activities.

Our professional team will be happy to assist with your enquiry so feel free to use our contact form to send us over your details and a postcode and dimensions of your proposed area for your project.

We offer information on designs and prices for schools play-area surfaces. Our estimators always look to keep costs down as much as possible to ensure every client gets the best value service.

Rubber Playground Surfacing

Our installers can offer rubber playground surfacing for schools in a number of different designs and specifications. If you’re looking for a more natural appearance, we would recommend thinking about having rhino mulch or artificial grass.

However, if you’re looking for a bright, vibrant surface that will encourage children to get involved in games and activities, we would suggest EPDM wetpour safety surfacing.

Our experts can offer advice with regards to what surface would be best for your individual school play area. We’ll also look into your spending budget and taking this into consideration too.

If your school or nursery has playground equipment, we would recommend one of our rubber play surfaces.

These are ideal for helping to keep the children safe and prevent injuries. We can alter the depth of our safety surfaces to meet your individual requirements. If you have higher play-area equipment, you will need a thicker system installed due to the Critical Fall Height required.

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