Soft coloured asphalt bitmac pathways

Soft coloured asphalt bitmac pathways is something I have just received a phonecall for?? I asked the question what was the path being used for and wanted to know a bit more information. Basically they said they wanted the bouncy soft surfacing used on play areas. From this saying I quickly realised they was after the industry name wet pour safety surfacing.

The wetpour surfaces isnt an asphalt bitmac material and is actually rubber crumb mixed with a binder on site and installed in-situ. It is known to many as rubber tarmac because this is what they seem to think it looks like and its amazing the difference in names the surfaces get called – soft tarmac, bouncy flooring, bouncy floors, coloured bitmac, all weather surface, artifical play area, synthetic surfacing and much more.

Basically if you need to know more with regards to the specifications and designs please visit which runs through all the different types of safety surfaces. We can act as a supplier of the materials on playgrounds, sports pitches and MUGAs or as a contractor carrying out the installation so for more info please call 01625 445760