Soft Spheres Adding Third Dimension 3D To Play Area

Soft playground rubber spheres are often added to the design of a play area by architects or site managers due to the 3D third dimension it will add. The spheres, made from EPDM rubber granules, are designed for use over wet pour / poured in place safety surfacing as they will act as play equipment, seating and will be pleasing aesthetically.

The EPDM rubber full, ½ half and ¾ globes are made in different diameters and are produced in 6 different colours. 300mm, 400mm, 600mm, 1000mm diameters are the standard sizes for the full spheres. 1000mm is the size for the ½ sphere and 1000mm for a ¾ sphere. The size different colours are dependent on stocks but are Green, Blue, Yellow, Beige, Brown & Orange. The Wet Pour spheres or globes will add shape to the safety surface and can be fixed using 1 of 3 different installation methods.

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