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Playground Surfacing in Surrey

There are many different types of playground surfacing out there. With the wide variety of playground safety surfacing available, finding the right flooring for your play area can be difficult.

With this in mind, we aim to help provide outstanding service and advise you on which playground flooring would be best for you!

If you are looking for the best playground safety surfacing in surrey, look no further.

You can find all the details and guidance you need for play area safety surfacing on this page!

Playground Surfacing In Surrey

Types Of Outdoor Play Area Surfaces In Surrey

We offer a wide range of playground surfaces for playgrounds in Surrey.

We can provide amazing playground safety surfacing such as Wet Pour Playground surfacing, Rubber Playground Mulch, Artificial Grass & many more!

These products provide a safe playground surface for your little ones to enjoy.

They come in various colours and designs, which will not only mean that the play area surfacing construction you want is safe but also colourful and interactive.

Wet Pour Playground surfacing in Surrey

Wet Pour is an amazing impact-absorbing safety surface made of Resin-Bound Rubber Crumb.

Other names, such as Softpour, Soft Tarmac and Resin Bound Rubber crumb, can describe this surface.

The colour most often used is black EPDM rubber. However, it can come in a wide range of colours.

Wetpour PlayGround Surfacing Surrey

A Wet Pour system is installed in a few stages, the first being a base course, which is a layer of black SBR base layer that acts as a shock pad layer, and then once that has set, the wearing course will be laid on top, which will come in whichever colour you have chosen.

Wet Pour Colours & Designs

Here are just some of the amazingly expansive colours Wet Pour can be installed in:

  • Black EPDM rubber
  • Terracotta Red
  • Light & Dark Blue
  • Light & Dark Green
  • Bright & Earth Yellow
  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • And many, many more!

Not only can you have Wet Pour playground flooring laid in these colours, but you can also make your very own custom blends of colours by mixing two different colours of this fantastic play area flooring!

Maybe you can add some amazing graphics to your children’s play areas!

Wet Pour Installation & Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your play area safety surfacing, all this would require is regular sweeping to keep the area looking clear and clean and maintain the porous nature of the surface.

If you maintain your play area surface well, it can last for up to 10-15 years!

With all of this considered, it’s not hard to see why Wet Pour is one of the most dynamic outdoor play areas surfaces in surrey!

Our Wet Pour safety surfacing is tested to meet the BS EN 1177 safety standards for play safety and Critical Fall Height (CFH) ratings.

Bonded Rubber Mulch Playground Surfacing in Surrey

Bonded Rubber Playground Mulch is a playground surfacing similar to wetpour playground surfacing.

However, Rubber Mulch resembles Tree Bark to give your play areas a nice, warm natural look!

Rubber Mulch In Surrey

It is made out of recycled rubber shred and is bonded together with a polyurethane resin.

This means the surface is not only safe but more environmentally friendly!

Our Bonded Rubber Mulch safety surfacing is tested to meet the BS EN 1177 safety standards for play safety and Critical Fall Height (CFH) ratings.

How Is It Installed?

Before our installers can lay the Rubber Mulch they would first lay a Geotextile membrane.

Once the membrane is down we would mix the Rubber Mulch with a polyurethane resin and, similarly to Wet Pour, it would be poured onto the membrane and left to set fully before it can be used.

With Bonded Rubber Mulch Being a poured surface, it can also be laid around play equipment such as Climbing Frames & Swings!

Colours & Designs

If you want your play surface to have a highly natural aesthetic while ensuring your play area is as safe as possible, then Rubber Mulch is your choice.

Here are a few examples of the colourations you can have:

  • Earth Brown
  • Acorn Brown
  • Forest Green
  • Mahogany Red
  • & More!

We can also provide services for maintaining and repairing this type of playground surfacing in Surrey!

Artificial Grass Safety Surfacing in Surrey

Artificial Grass, also known as Play Grass, is natural-looking synthetic grass.

This type of surface is often preferred to real grass and other artificial alternatives due to its durability, low maintenance, fantastic drainage and amazing looks!

It is a surface that is very well suited to outdoor play areas, especially in the UK, with the everchanging weather, you can have to amazing appearance of a grass lawn, with none of the hassles of trying to maintain it during the high heat and pouring rain.

How is it installed?

If you’re looking to have this playground surfacing in Surrey, then you will want to know how it is installed, whether it is installed beneath playground equipment or just in your garden!

When we would come to your location to lay the playground surfacing, we would first lay a Geotextile Membrane, to prevent any weed growth from underneath the surface.

Then, if you have chosen to have this option or you have a CFH (Critical Fall Height) due to any play equipment in your playground, we would install a shock pad layer.
This makes the surface more forgiving with impacts.

Finally, we would install the Artificial Grass Surfacing, if you require it to be installed beneath playground equipment.
We would make sure it conforms to any fixing or stands in the play area, so your new playground surfacing looks amazing!

Specification & Maintenance

When it comes to using Artificial grass as a safety surfacing in surrey, we can offer multiple different options with regard to the thickness of the surface!

Here is a list of the thicknesses of Artificial Grass we offer:

  • 15mm
  • 20mm
  • 24mm
  • 30mm
  • & 40mm

If you want to know which thickness of this playground surface would be best for your play area, then you know where to find us!

With regard to maintaining this surface, we would advise a regular visual check of the playground flooring and removing any debris and litter from the playground.

Tarmac Playground Flooring in Surrey

Tarmac, or Tarmacadam, is used for a wide variety of playground surfacing in surrey and all over the rest of the UK. This is because it is one of the most reliable, durable and low-maintenance surfaces there is!

This type of surface is often preferred when it comes to large play areas with a small amount of play equipment or areas that are also used for more sporting activities.

How is it installed?

First, if the area is unlevel, the area will be excavated and levelled; after that, a Geotextile Membrane will be laid to prevent weed growth.

The foundations are then installed to make a sub-base for the Tarmac; Tar and stones are mixed and poured over the surface and left to set!

Safety & Maintenance

keeping your little ones safe while having fun on the playground is the top priority; when it comes to Tarmac playground surfacing, we recommend using this surface in a play area with low height or no play equipment and not where there are Swings & Climbing Frames.

This is because Tarmac is a hard playground flooring, and falling from a significant height could cause injuries.

It is relatively simple if you want to keep your play area surfacing in tip-top condition with a Tarmac surface!

All it would require would be a regular visual check of the surface and removing any debris and dirt in the area.

We would also recommend having an annual professional cleaning done to keep your area looking amazing, which we offer!

Resin Bonded Gravel Surfacing in surrey

Want an amazing-looking pathway or surround for your playground?

then we would highly recommend enquiring with us about a price quotation for Resin Bonded Gravel!

Resin Bonded Gravel Surrey

It comprises natural stone aggregate bound together with a polyurethane resin.

Colours & Design

With a wide variety of colours and designs, this surface is durable, looks fantastic, and can be installed to fit your requirements!

Resin Bounded Gravel can be installed to fit almost any shape and size you require; whether it be an unusual shape area or a windy pathway, with its high versatility, it would be great in almost any situation!

Now, the colours you have to choose from. We offer a natural colour pallet for our Resin Bounded Gravel surfaces in surrey, from light and bright shades to more autumn-type, cooler shades.


To keep this surface looking as fresh and amazing as when it was first installed around your playground, we recommend you brush the surface regularly to clear any debris & carry out a jet wash cleaning now and again.

As this surface is porous, it will help ensure that its ability to drain water isn’t diminished!

High Durability Paint

High Durability Paint, also known as Endurance or M.M.A. is a high-durability paint coating that is sure to make your playground flooring as colourful and vibrant as possible!

If you think your current playground surface could use a facelift, this is the perfect product.
With its ability to handle temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius and with it being able to handle all sorts of wear and tear, it is second to none when it comes to holding its colour for a very long time!

How Is It Installed?

After you have settled on using High Durability Paint on your playground surfaces in surrey, the installation process will begin.

  1. Once the paint has been mixed, it will be applied to the surface using a squeegee to ensure it is evenly distributed.
  2. The paint is then finished with a roller to provide a textured & slip-resistant surface.
  3. the paint is then left to dry and once it has, you can enjoy your amazing new surface.

Maintaining Your Playground Surface

All that would be required to keep your surface in the best condition would be to make sure to keep the area clean and clear of any debris!

Loose Rubber Mulch

Loose Rubber Mulch is a very similar surface to Bark Mulch, in appearance and practicality!

The major difference between the two is that Loose Rubber Mulch is, obviously, Rubber. So while it may not be as environmentally friendly as Bark Mulch, it is recycled because it is made from old shredded tyres.

Colours & Design

Unlike Bark Mulch, which comes in all the same colour, or many different colours mixed into one, Rubber Mulch colour can be chosen to suit your specific needs & wants.
While all of the colours we offer with this product are made to look natural, there is still a wide variety of options.

Picking out a design for your playground surfacing in surrey can be difficult; the good thing is that this surface is a loose one, which means if you would like to reshape or redesign your area, it is only the case of spreading the mulch out a different way or picking up and moving it to a different place.

Safety & Maintenance

Regarding safety, as the surface is made out of rubber, it will be softer than real Bark Mulch, and there would be less of a possibility of it breaking apart and creating sharp edges, not to mention splinters.

Maintenance-wise, the surface would require regular upkeep, such as using a rake to spread the surface evenly should it gather in certain places more than others and clearing any rubbish/debris.

One of the best elements of this surface is that because it is made from recycled rubber, it won’t degrade or decompose, which means it can last for as long as it is kept in good condition!

Rubber Tiles

While this type of surfacing is similar to Wet Pour and Bonded Rubber Mulch, being a solid rubber surfacing, Rubber Tiles are often used for more rigid shaped areas like rectangular and square shaped areas.

How is it installed?

After you have done all the preparation work, like making sure the sub-base is level and the area is clear, you can begin laying your rubber tiles!

You will find laying the rubber tiles is a lot like a very easy jigsaw; all it is is a case of laying the rubber ramps around the sides of the surface of your rubber tiles will be raised, then laying them one by one and fitting them together.

Safety & Maintenance

Making sure your new surfacing in Surrey stays in good shape for as long as possible is a top priority!

For cleaning and maintenance, the method is quite simple; we would advise brushing and mopping the surface to keep it clean and looking fresh.

We would also advise carrying out the occasional visual inspection of the surface to ensure there are no cracks, chips or unevenness in the surface.

If any of the former exist, the damaged tiles would need replacing.

Safety is a big concern for everyone, and that is why our tiles are built to make sure your children stay safe while they are having fun; they are built to absorb impact and provide a safer environment for them to play in.

Playground Safety Surfacing Design in Surrey

We can offer customised designs for the majority of our surfaces in surrey.

Without a doubt, the most customisable Surrey play area flooring is Wet Pour; with the biggest range of colours, shapes, graphics and designs, its not hard to see why Wet Pour is now a staple when it comes to playground surfacing in surrey and all over the UK!

Rubber Mulch, Artifical Grass, Tarmac & Resin Bounded Gravel is also customisable in design, colouration and layout. However, they are more limited in terms of the range of design and colouration as all of these surfaces in Surrey, apart from Tarmac, are designed to achieve a more naturalistic look.

If you would like to learn more about the amazing amount of design options we provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch through this website, a member of our excellent team will then contact you shortly after!

Surrey Playground Resurfacing

Here at Playground Surfacing in surrey, we offer resurfacing and repair works for every single one of the surfaces we provide. Whether we installed the surfacing you have currently or not, we can advise, provide options and quote.

When it comes to the type of resurfacing ad repairs we do, for the resin-bound surfaces, we can offer perimeter repairs, patch repairs and full replacement surfaces!

Please contact us if you need any resurfacing or repair works on your surfaces in surrey!

Main Areas Covered

We install playground surfaces in the following Surrey Areas

  • Mole Valley
  • Tandridge
  • Elmbridge
  • Epsom and Ewell
  • Guildford
  • Reigate
  • Banstead
  • Runnymede
  • Spelthorne
  • Surrey Heath
  • Waverley
  • Woking

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