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What Is Rhino Pave?

Soft Surfaces have many years experience in the surfacing industry and are often asked about Rhino Pave surfaces and its uses.

Rhino pave is a single layered system that is laid over compacted stone like MOT Type 1. It is a blend of recycled rubber (SBR) and decorative natural stone (aggregates) bound together with a resin binder.

This Eco Pathway Paving system is a natural hard-wearing surface that is a porous material which has great drainage. This means that areas are useable year-round and with small amounts of maintenance (sweeping and jet washing) should remove debris and stop the surface holding water.

Rhino Pave Explained

The video below explains Rhino Pave in more detail along with it’s main uses.

Please see transcript below:

00:00 Hi guys, this is Dan from Soft Surfaces here. I’m going to be explaining what is Rhino pave. Rhino pave is essentially predominately used pathway, and this can be used for schools, parks, woodland spaces, etc.

00:11 Whether your area is commercial or recreational, we can install it at your facility. The actual surface of Rhino pave is a rubber and stone mixture, and it’s good for both underfoot and is incredibly durable, meaning the vehicles can drive over if needs be.

00:24 There are many different colors or specifications to choose from. As always, if there’s any specifications you need, just inquire with us. Here at Soft Surfaces Limited, we have over 20 years of experience installing many different Rhino pave surfaces across the UK.

00:37 We really feel like we’re the right company to come to if you’re looking to have the surface type installed. For any more information about this, please visit us at

Rhino pave makes for a great improvement to most traditional surfaces. It can replace:

  • Bridle & Cycle Ways
  • School/Nurseries Daily Mile Tracks
  • General Footpaths & Golf Pathways
  • Eco-trails & Canal/River Walkways

Due to its smooth finish it is Bike, Pram/Buggies and Wheelchair friendly also strong enough to for equestrian traffic.

Being a bond of recycled SBR rubber and natural aggregates. This firm surface has good grip and resilience when constructed onto a suitable base. It can be graded down into a surface if no edges are provided or to save costs.

For more information on what Rhino Pave is along with other uses in the UK, please get in contact today and we can offer some friendly, professional advise.

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