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Tarmacadam Surface Construction

Macadam surfaces are great for leisure use, house use such as driveways, paths and patios and they can also be used for sport facilities. They are so popular in the UK because of their many uses and how durable they tend to be. Macadam surfaces are a relatively cheap option for sports areas, they require a low amount of maintenance, they are also available in a range of colours, are porous all-weather flooring options, long lasting and hard wearing, these are the main reasons why people choose to have a tarmac surface installed in their sports organisation.

Tarmac Surface Foundations

The construction process starts with laying out the tarmac surface foundations. This depends on the client’s design specification, size and requirements. The work will usually go as follows:

  1. The first process of the installation is inserting the geotextile membrane; this will help prevent contamination such as weeds growing within the surface.
  2. Next we’ll lay out a stone sub base to strengthen and even out the area.
  3. When the foundations have been installed, the next process of the tarmacadam flooring construction is to mix the tar and stones together.
  4. We’ll then pour the mixture onto the foundations and leave it to set.
  5. When the floor has set, we can add the necessary design features to it. This could include line markings if it’s a sports pitch. The features which can be added to macadam are very quick to apply and this is just another advantage of tarmac flooring.

If you’re interested in having a macadam surface installed for a sports facility, playground or other outdoor area please contact us to talk through the costs and different designs we have available.

Our team can alter designs and specifications prior to the tarmacadam surface construction if required. We aim to make sure our clients are happy with the overall construction, which is why we only make use of premium materials and make certain our installations are completed to a top standard.

Installing Macadam Flooring

Installing macadam flooring is very common for multi use sports areas, tennis, netball and basketball surfaces. This is because it allows for a good amount of grip and the necessary ball bounce qualities, which are needed for good playing characteristics. Tarmac surfaces are most commonly seen on driveways and paths, most likely because they’re easy to install, it could be completed within hours and it’s a cheaper alternative to other specifications. Installing macadam flooring for driveways and household uses is different compared to sport surfaces.

The design specification will vary depending on what you’re going to use the area for. If the surface is a cycle path then the stones go through a colour dying process. We’ll do this make them the correct colour, normally this will be reds, blues and greens. If you’ve got a tarmacadam facility as sports pitch surfacing, then line markings are necessary to make it the sports clear and the rules stand out.

We suggest that if it is a multisport surface, that the line markings are different colours for the sports which you will play. This is because if they are all the same colour, it won’t be clear and it can be confusing for both the players and the viewers. If it is a single sports court, then we often suggest that the line markings are relevant and bespoke to your facility, this could be having your team colours and it can make it a customised space which meets the design you want. This surface type is also ideal for school playground facilities if this is something you want to know more about.

Please feel free to get in contact with us if you need any advice in regards to costs or designs for tarmacadam surface construction. We would be happy to send you over some product sheets and previous case studies. We’ll also be able to discuss a quote which fits within your budget.

How is Macadam Surfacing Installed?

When getting the appropriate team of specialists to install macadam, the construction process can be done quite simply. The basic process of installing macadam surfacing is to first carry out the preparation work. This consists of excavating the existing surface and laying a geotextile membrane. The great thing about a geotextile membrane is that it can prevent weeds from growing through the surface. This then means that the court will not break up due to unwanted weeds growing through and causing cracks. After this you will need to stone up to the required depth.

We’ll then mix the stones and tar together to create the macadam surface. After this, we will lay it out over the compacted stone. Once the macadam is laid out and made level it can then be left to cure. If you are going to the surface it is important to wait approximately three weeks after laying the tarmac. This is because we need to wait for the oils in the macadam to dry out before applying paint.

If you have any questions regarding the macadam surfacing installation process, please do not hesitate to speak to us. Our team will reply at the earliest opportunity with details on the tarmacadam surface construction process, so make sure to complete the contact form now.

Tarmac Construction Cost

The tarmac construction cost can vary depending on a number factors. One of the biggest factors which can alter the price of construction is the area size. Obviously it will be more expensive to install tarmac for a larger area. You may find that the rate per metre squared is cheaper for larger areas due to the economies of scale. Another thing which can affect the price of construction is the access to the area and the existing surface. If you have already excavated the area then the preparation works will be cheaper, which will cut down the costs of the entire installation process.

We always recommend completing macadam flooring maintenance to help keep the facility in top condition. There are several things you can do yourself, but we also offer services to help with this. Overall this should lengthen the life expectancy of the facility and ensure it is safe to use.

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