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What Is Tarmacadam?

With many different surfaces available in the sport and play industry, Soft Surfaces are often asked about tarmacadam and the areas where it can be installed.

Tarmac Surfacing Explained

Please see a short video below which explains tarmac surfacing in a bit more detail.

Please see transcript below:

00:00 Hi guys, it’s Dan from Soft Surfaces here and today we’re going to be explaining what are tarmacadam surfaces. Tarmacadam surfaces are essentially surfaces that could by used in many different locations, including sports courts, driveways and play areas, and for more information about the play areas and the tarmacadam surfaces that we install in them, just check out our nursery playgrounds work video here.

00:18 These tarmacadam surfaces are incredibly cost effective, low maintenance, and they’re also permeable, which means that water can drain through them very easily. In addition to this they’re incredible versatile and customisable too and consume any need of the client that they wish.

00:32 Here at Soft Surfaces Limited we are proud to say that we’re an experienced installer of tarmacadam surfaces and have been for over 20 years straight. So if you’d like any more information about these surface types, or you’d like to inquire please just visit us as

For more information on what a tarmac surface is, what areas it is suitable for or prices to have this installed, please get in touch today and we can help with any questions that you may have.

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