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World Book Day 2020 Thursday 5th March

Encouraging reading is something we should always be doing! Literacy is a skill which opens up some incredible doors for people – not just children – all over the world. What’s more, books offer people a fantastic way to escape to another world.

Rather than just sitting in front of a screen, a book will encourage readers to use their imaginations. There’s a reason why libraries are still in business – people of all ages, all over the world, still love books!

That’s why World Book Day is always a roaring success. This year, World Book Day 2020 will be taking place on Thursday 5th March. It’s a brilliant opportunity for schools and public bodies to share books with young people.

It’s also a fantastic occasion for children and young people to get together and share their favourite stories. World Book Day allows children to try new stories and to explore new worlds.

2020 World Book Day Theme

The main 2020 World Book Day theme is all about sharing. Brought together by creative and funny new bookmark mascots, children will be encouraged to share their favourite stories and to explore new ideas. Older children and young people who use social media can also use these channels to explore events and get involved with discussions about their favourite authors and tales.

The main theme for World Book Day this year appears to be taking advantage of social platforms and creativity. There’s a fantastic national competition opening up, for example, where kids can design their own book tokens to win a fantastic selection of stories.

Schools and educational bodies across the UK, as well as the world, will be taking advantage of the latest theme and setting up events to help bring young people further into the world of literature. Why watch the movie when you can take your time and read the book instead?

Events for Schools

There are plenty of events for schools opening up surrounding World Book Day 2020. Schools can set up pop-up sales and libraries for children to sample new stories and old favourites. What’s more, there will be workshops and masterclasses opening up.

Some of the nation’s best-loved children’s authors will be coming together to share, through video, their inspirations and their own favourite stories. It’ll be a great way for young people to really connect with their favourite wordsmiths.

School events will likely vary from area to area. This means that they can get really creative when it comes to themes and activities. Ultimately, the idea is to encourage young people to read!

This could mean setting writing activities, creative book reports, storytelling areas and even book swapping clubs. The main World Book Day website is awash with brilliant ideas and concepts which will likely appeal to children and teachers alike. It’s one of the best days of the year to be a voracious reader!

World Book Day Activity Ideas

There are some great World Book Day activity ideas already getting shared online. Schools looking to join in the fun can take a lot of inspiration from what’s appearing on the main World Book Day website, as well as through social media. The #WorldBookDay and #WorldBookDay2020 hashtags are already full of brilliant photos and ideas!

Here are just a few great ideas you could put into practice at your own school or World Book Day 2020 event:

  • Poetry and limerick competitions
  • Creative arts contests – bring your favourite characters to life
  • Acting masterclasses – bring books and stories to life
  • Reading Trees
  • Book swaps
  • Book sales
  • Fancy dress competitions – dress as your favourite characters

Of course, the list goes on! As a festival for celebrating imagination, it’s a great chance for kids and teachers to let their minds run wild. These activities can help enhance a range of skills including speech development, social interaction and more.

What are some of the most creative ways you can celebrate your favourite books, characters and authors? It’s well worth exploring what people are already bringing to life online.

Encouraging Reading in Schools

Encouraging reading in schools has never been more important. While most people are able to read from an early age, there are some who find themselves illiterate in adult life. It is nothing to be ashamed of! However, World Book Day offers a great opportunity to help encourage young people to connect with the written word.

It’s a great chance to explore some of the best-loved titles in our libraries. Iconic stories from the likes of Enid Blyton, Jacqueline Wilson, Michael Rosen, JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien, Roger Hargreaves, Michael Morpurgo and more have really made an impact on our lives. Who knows? There may be one or more up and coming authors who kids really want to get into.

World Book Day 2020, taking place on March 5ththis year, will allow young people and their teachers to get into some exploratory reading and creative writing like never before.

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