Golden Mile

The School Golden Mile is a popular activity which is now done in many primary schools throughout the UK. It is part of an initiative also known as The Daily Mile which encourages children to be more active. The goal is to improve health and reduce obesity levels, as well as boosting pupils’ concentration in lessons. We install specially designed tracks for this activity to help schools create the perfect outdoor setting.


When taking part in The Golden Mile, kids will spend an allotted period of time once a day doing one mile of physical activity. This is completed by walking, jogging or running around a designated section of the playground or sport surface. The objective is to create better health and fitness in young people when they are in education.

Daily Physical Activities

It’s important to make certain that school children are able to participate in outdoor activities as a way of dealing with obesity. Studies have shown that a third of children are overweight or obese by the time they leave school. Running the mile each day is really an extra sports activity that is not done in the compulsory PE program. The plan is mostly about enhancing the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of the kids in schools.

It is really simple to start out on The Golden Mile at your primary school and it’s also free to take part. The activity can be carried out in schools by the teachers as well and isn’t simply intended for the children. Since the activity is such an easy pursuit, it is offered to pupils of any age and individual circumstances.

Wetpour Golden Mile Surfacing

A great specification for one of these running tracks would be wetpour rubber surfacing. This is a porous surface which is commonly installed for safety on playgrounds, and it’s available in a choice of bright colours. In many areas it will be fitted underneath play equipment like swings or climbing frames to protect children if they fall.

Due to its impact absorbing qualities, this EPDM surface helps cushion children’s joints as they run to prevent injuries. It is installed in a two layered system with a shockpad base to add safety, and a coloured or black wearing course on top. The design is completely up to you, and the look at the surfacing can be customised with blended colours and even rainbow patterns.

Wetpour Rubber Playground Contractors

We are able to install a wetpour track onto your existing playground to clearly mark out the track for walking or running on. We could also create a full play area using the rubber surfacing and incorporate a Daily Mile path in a different colour. A range of graphics are also available in different shapes to add lots more fun activities to the playground. As it is completely porous, the wetpour flooring can be used all year round, even during wet conditions so children won’t have to miss out.

Rubber Mulch Running Track

Another popular playground surface which may be installed is bonded rubber mulch. This is made up of shredded rubber which is bound together with binder to create continuous permeable surfacing. It is also used for its safety properties in school play areas and is supplied in different colours including red and green. The bonded play bark is ideal for woodland themed areas with timber equipment as it matches the natural rustic look.

When creating a Golden Mile track, this is a perfect specification as it’s comfortable for children to run on and it also blends in with the outdoor space. It can often be found in public parks on pathways because it’s durable and can withstand regular foot traffic.

Rubber Mulch Surfacing Specialists

The mulch specification can be laid straight onto grass or muddy areas, and it’s designed to mimic the appearance of natural wooden bark. It can be moulded into any shape to create a meander trail which fits around existing equipment or obstacles. Please contact us if you are interested in prices for the rubber mulch surfacing, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Multisport Synthetic Turf Tracks

We also offer an artificial grass surface known as Multisport synthetic turf which is ideal for these facilities. This features a woven needlepunch design with curly yarn fibres which makes it particularly strong and durable. It’s often used for recreational athletics tracks, and comes in different colour options including blue, red and green. The specification is one of the strongest and most durable types of synthetic turf. Its sand infill helps to create a more stable surface which is resilient against everyday use and helps prevent damage. This is also commonly known as activity flooring and we can install it for full sizes pitches as well as the walking tracks.

Coloured Multisport Synthetic Turf

Like the rubber surfaces, Multisport turf is porous so it’s suitable for all weather conditions and won’t become flooded or muddy. It should be laid onto a stone sub base for maximum stability, and we’ll also apply a sand infill to give the best quality finish. We can install the turf to suit a variety of dimensions and shapes, so you can have a track which fits your outdoor space.

Thermoplastic Daily Mile Markings

For schools which have an existing tarmac space, coloured thermoplastic markings could be added. These can be laid out to create a vibrant track design in any shape you like. They are quick and simple to install as no groundworks are required, and they can be made to fit around current equipment. The plastic markings are often used for educational activities and helping kids to learn outside of the classroom with fun games based on maths, English and other subjects.

We can install the graphics as pre cut shapes which are heated and melted, or as a poured liquid material which dries solid. The vibrant colours make the markings stand out, and they also add anti slip qualities to enhance safety on the tarmac.

Thermoplastic Golden Mile Playground Markings

You could also choose to have other graphics applied in thermoplastic, such as hopscotch and number grids. These are ideal for taking learning outside of the classroom and engaging children’s minds through active play. It is fairly quick and simple to install a Daily Mile track using this method, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like some information on our prices.


Benefits of the Golden Mile

Schools who have been getting involved in The Golden Mile have already noticed greater fitness as well as an improvement in kids’ focus in lessons. Because the children are able to concentrate better, they are taking in more information and learning more effectively. It is not only schools that can join the mile, nurseries, pre-schools and kindergartens may also participate. This contributes to reducing obesity in children of various ages from nursery age up to high school.

Because of the approach being extremely simple and easy, the School Golden Mile has now been implemented in many areas across the UK. Running the distance normally takes under fifteen minutes, so it’s not really a prolonged task. Being active in an outdoor area also offers fantastic benefits for the kids. There is absolutely no equipment needed so organisations do not need to invest additional expenses to set this up. Every pupil who takes part will accomplish something, whatever the time completed without having any limitations for skill or age.

Improving Children’s Health and Wellbeing

The activity isn’t cross country, PE or a competitive sport. It is simply carried out to give youngsters improved wellbeing along with better social skills. By doing the mile every day during school, pupils and parents will discover a great deal of changes when it comes to health and fitness. This can be used as a way to combat childhood obesity and other health issues which are connected to low levels of activity. Being more active has plenty of benefits for both physical and mental health for people of all ages, which is why teachers and parents should get involved too.

Taking part in moderate exercise helps to boost alertness and encourages kids to pay more attention. Due to increased concentration levels, pupils are better equipped to learn and pay attention in lessons. It has even been recognised in some schools’  OFSTED reports as having a positive impact on focus and learning. The Golden Mile offers the children and teachers a laid back atmosphere in which they can be physically active and have some time outside.

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