Wet Pour Resin UV Colour Change

EPDM rubber playgrounds are installed at many school and nursery organisations. Something that can affect these projects is a wet pour resin UV colour change. The industry in general, including our team, uses Aromatic resin. Colour change can occur and is gradual so it is not always noticeable. It can be more prominent when you […]

UV Degradation and Discolouration of EPDM Wetpour

Lots of children’s playgrounds have EPDM Wetpour surfaces to provide a colourful atmosphere with added safety qualities. The designs of this play surface can be varied as there is a variety of bright colours to choose from. However over time the coloured rubber can be affected by UV degradation and discolouration. These are processes which […]

Sports Surfacing Rejuvenation Maintenance Golborne

Sand filled synthetic pitches can become contaminated and damaged if they aren’t looked after properly. This is why it’s important to carry out sports surfacing rejuvenation maintenance. This is done to remove the dirty sand infill from within the synthetic grass fibres and replace it with a new layer to improve the performance qualities. A […]

Astro Turf MUGA Sports Pitches Rejuvenation Maintenance

Astro turf MUGA synthetic all weather turf and 3G / 4G artificial grass are all purpose surfaces that are very common  in the UK and these can be built, designed and specified to be almost any area dimension and specification. When these pitches become tired and start to get flooded and waterlogged, they are in […]

Flooding Astro Turf All Weather Pitch Needs Rejuvenation, Restoration Maintenance

Soft Surfaces Ltd are known in the UK as premium sports contractor who specialise in the construction, specification, design and maintenance provider for artificial sports surfaces. We have helped to provide maintenance contracts and specifications for many clients who have MUGA / multi use games areas / ballcourt systems. Maintenance to Prevent Flooding Astro Turf […]

Synthetic Grass Sports Surface Rejuvenation

Synthetic Grass Sports Surface Rejuvenation quotes are inclusive of extracting contaminated sand infill which can be removed from site or spread to a mutually convenient location on site. The costs work out to be cheaper if we can spread the extracted sand infill on site and also actually benefit natural turf pitches to have sand […]

Revitalise MUGA Sports Court All Weather Pitch With Rejuvenation

MUGAs are often known as multi use games areas, kickabout courts, sports pitches and ATP / STPs. These games areas are often surfaced in a multitude of sports finishes but a very common surfacing in the UK is Astro – turf synthetic all weather sand filled and sand dressed artificial grass which can be used […]

Refurbishing Synthetic Grass All Weather Pitches With Rejuvenation

Synthetic grass sports pitches are normally sand filled, sand dressed or 3G artificial all weather Astroturf grass pitches which are designed for multi sport use like football, tennis and hockey. This specialist STP / AWP sports pitch can be designed and constructed to suit almost any dimension and area size such as 41m x 21m […]

Multi Use Games Area Rejuvenation Maintenance

Multi Use Games Areas are sports facilities that are often in places like schools, playgrounds and sports clubs and these surfaces often need vital rejuvenation and renovation. This renovation work can come in many forms as there are a number of different surfaces available. There are also a number of different MUGA maintenance techniques that […]

Will Rejuvenation Maintenance Revitalise My Sports Pitches?

The simple answer is yes. Our Rejuvenation process should form part of your long term pitch maintenance. The point at which the pitch requires to be Rejuvenated will depend on the previous maintenance which the sports surface has received. During use, the sand infill to the Synthetic Grass becomes contaminated and forms a hard crusty […]

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