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Resin Bound Stone Installation in Stamford Park, Tameside

What was the specification? : 18mm Resin Bound
What colours were used? : Brittany Bronze
What was the size of the job? : 380m2
How long did the job take?: 4 days on site
What sub base was used? : Open Textured Macadam

Resin Bound Walkway

Please see the video below which shows a resin-bound gravel walkway in Tameside.

Video Transcript:
Hi guys, it’s dan here today. We’re going to be showing you a resin bound stone installation in Stamford park Tameside. So the client wanted to have a smooth porous pathway fitted that facility was having the ability to choose a bespoke colour for this surface type to be fitted. When they gave us a call, we explained that resin band would be a perfect solution for them. They specify what they needed, and we got to work less. resin bound surfacing is an extremely popular choice across the UK for pathways, driveways, large areas, and more as this surface started can be installed in almost any colour has poorest qualities making it great and challenging conditions and gives a beautiful natural stone look without any of the usual natural stone maintenance required here. Soft surfaces.

We’ve been installing resin-bound servicing nationwide for over 20 years now. And we are proud of the reputation we built up over the years as being one of the best installs of this product across the country.

We use only the highest quality materials for our installs, increasing the longevity of the surface for our clients. Please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in our services. So as you can see now, the job has been completed and it really does look fantastic is that new winding pathway, this particular client wanted quite a natural finish for their rest Unbound surface and opted for this beautiful tan colour that really does compliment its surroundings.

As mentioned previously, the colour of your resin bounds service can range from anything from natural finishes to the brightest of colours. And it’s totally up to you. This particular client was extremely pleased with the installation and love the quality of the surface as well as how it looks here at soft surfaces walls. We do work nationwide. We’ve carried out quite a lot of work in the team side area. And because of this, we’re ranking Google for these following keywords, Tameside stone, surface and company, best Northwest pathway installers driveway, construction experts, team side, greater Manchester, Rosenbaum flooring specialist in colourful services, team side, and much more. So to get in touch today regarding resin bound servicing, please just visit our website at www dot soft surfaces that go to UK, or simply give us a call at 01625445760. thanks a lot for watching. And we hope to hear from you soon.

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