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Wet Pour Resin UV Colour Change

EPDM rubber playgrounds are installed at many school and nursery organisations. Something that can affect these projects is a wet pour resin UV colour change. The industry in general, including our team, uses Aromatic resin. Colour change can occur and is gradual so it is not always noticeable. It can be more prominent when you lay the surfacing in very high temperatures or bright sunlight.

The polyurethane resin binder which combines the rubber crumb reacts to the ultraviolet radiation. This then causes it to show a yellow / brown tinge. Usually the change will happen when the we install the wetpour and it is curing overnight.

The surface might appear as one colour when we lay it and then end up looking slightly different the next day. This phenomenon is the result of the formation of transparent crystals during the curing process, which cause light to refract when passing through them in the same way as a simple prism.

It is the light refraction when viewing the finished surface that gives the appearance of a yellow tint. The actual colour of the granule does not change as can be seen by cutting a cross section. The appearance of the surface will also vary depending on the position, the angle or the sunlight conditions from which you view it

We would be more than happy to offer more information on wet pour resin UV colour change if necessary. Simply get in touch with our professionals using the enquiry form provided and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

UV Discolouration of Wetpour

If your surface has UV discolouration, you may consider installing a UV stable resin when resurfacing. We carry out services to prevent the UV discolouration of wetpour in order to maintain the original colour of your surfacing without any changes due to the sunlight.

We’d recommend you take this into consideration before installing the wetpour. If you would like more information on the discolouration, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Resin Colouring Change

It is more noticeable in certain colours such as light grey, light blue, eggshell and beige. However, depending on conditions, all the coloured specifications are subject to slight changes as a result of sun exposure or high temperatures. The effect on other colours is to make them appear darker.

There is evidence which shows that the effects of ultraviolet rays do reverse over time, and the resin can lose the yellow tinge. This then allows the rubber granules to revert back to their original shade again. There is no way to completely avoid this effect with Aromatic binders. Installers must take great care to ensure that the client is fully aware of how the final surface will look.

Please contact our team if you have any questions about play area flooring design and installation. We’d be happy to offer you some information sheets and professional advice.

You can’t prevent the wet pour resin colouring change when using the standard Aromatic polyurethane binder. We normally use this during the mixing process. True Aliphatic resin can greatly reduce this effect initially. However, it still cannot still claim to offer permanent protection or enhanced physical properties.

However aliphatic resin is significantly more expensive to use and as a result very seldom used. The typical Extra Over costs are £30.00/m² over standard Aromatic resin.

Installing Children’s Playground Surfaces

The installation of wetpour rubber surfacing is common throughout the UK as it provides children with a vibrant and exciting outdoor space, with added safety qualities. This makes it perfect for use in areas with equipment such as climbing frames, trim trails and swings.

Due to the possible changes in appearance that can occur we would usually advise having black EPDM. You could also select one of our standard colour range core colours or consider a 50:50 blend of black with a standard colour when installed in larger areas.

Wetpour graphic features can be added which is a way of adding smaller coloured graphics to create a more interesting design. There are plenty of graphics to choose from including numbers, letters, targets, rockets and loads of other educational features.

Wetpour Play Surfacing Maintenance

Wetpour play surfacing maintenance ensures that any debris and contaminations on the surfacing are eliminated to prevent them from creating issues. Power washing expert services can manage in areas which are difficult to reach. This surface was created to be entirely permeable. Therefore fluids may pass through the pores in the surface to stop any kind of flooding.

It’s vital that you retain these kinds of qualities in great condition to stop debris from clogging up any holes. This might result in floods throughout wet months, making the surfacing unusable. It may potentially be dangerous since the establishment being slippy could lead to damages. When the surface is past upkeep, you will need to have servicing.

Contact Our Team

Please feel free to contact our team if you have any questions about the wet pour resin UV colour change and the aliphatic binder alternative. We would be happy to supply you with some further information and answer any queries you have.

If you would like to enquire about the installation of a play surface, be sure to fill in our contact form. Include all the details and we’ll provide you with a quote on the costs.

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