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Rhino Mulch Premium Resin Bonded Rubber Safety Surface

Rhino Mulch Premium Resin Bonded Rubber Safety Surfacing is made from recycled rubber shred which is then bonded with a PU Polymer resin to make a porous soft bonded eco shredded synthetic surfacing. This rubber mulch can be produced in a variety of colours and is the perfect product for the protection of Tree roots and trim trail surfacing. The soft rubber bound flexi – mulch looks very similar to standard natural bark finishes but will last longer due to the anti rot properties of rubber bark chippings.

The premium bonded rubber mulch has a high tensile strength and is a complete unified system and is a perfect flexi bound – in Playground Mulch. It also has many other uses such as planters, tree pits, pathways, grass no grow and surfacing under trees. The recycled rubber surfacing can also be used in landscaping projects as it is easy to replace loose bark and this also helps with maintenance issues.

Soft Surfaces Ltd can be the perfect contractor when it comes to the installation of this safe, impact absorbing one layer system. The Rhino Mulch can be specified to suit almost any size and dimension and we can help you with the budget requirements, quotations and costings for your project. You can call us on 01625 445760 or visit our website on for more information.

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