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Rubber Mulch Safety Surface Designs

Over time, Rubber Mulch has become a popular type of surfacing to have at schools due to the wide amount of benefits it can offer. But what are these benefits?

Today’s post will explore more into this question and give you a better understanding of the growing popularity of this surface and why it’ll continue to grow! Carry on reading to learn more about rubber mulch safety surface designs and how these products are used.

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Bonded Mulch Playground Surfaces

Surfaces that are covered in Bonded Mulch can vary from place to place due to the customisation options that it offers for you. For example, colours. Picking your flooring can be difficult as certain surfaces only allow for a certain colour to be chosen but with Rubber Play Bark, that’s different.

As well as this, Rubber Mulch is environmentally friendly. Using recused truck tyres, it avoids the need to burn them, causing immense pollution to occur. Instead, they are shredded up and then used for the flooring. Due to this, the surface can last for a while as rubber like this won’t rot or decompose at a fast rate. This usually means that over time, this surface can withstand a lot more natural deterioration compared to a lot of others.

Playgrounds are a great place to be surfaced with this material as it also feels incredibly nice for the users. Children will often find themselves intrigued by the flooring and enjoy the feeling of it, improving their knowledge of the world around them. Keeping this in mind, sensory development is a key feature of playgrounds so having a flooring that not only looks interesting but feels interesting is important. See this post to learn more about different learning activities children can do on the playground.

Rubber Play Bark Safety Flooring

Grass and mud can be dangerous for kids to play on top of in wet conditions as they can end up slipping and hurting themselves in a serious way. Often, this can lead to you having to look for a new surface to replace the current one to avoid these types of accidents. However, it can be an expensive procedure as many of the surfaces require a certain sub-base for them to be installed on top of them. Rubber Mulch safety surfacing is different though.

Applicable on any surface, you can avoid these slip injuries quite easily. Grass, mud and other surfaces which can be dangerous can be surfaced with no problem. Water on the surface will be absorbed by the mulch, resulting in no puddles/wet areas being formed. Chances of slipping are reduced massively as there aren’t many chances for kids to slip on it.

Not only is it slip-resistant, but the actual surfacing itself quite soft. Those who may fall over on it will notice that the ground isn’t as hard or painful to fall on compared to other surfaces. Being well renowned for absorbing the impact of falls and tumbles, many schools and sport facilities often like to have this surface installed to avoid any players gaining an injury.

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Rubber Mulch Play Areas in Schools

Schools will put pupil safety first above entertainment. Ofsted believe this as well and safety precautions can really help boost the rating of your school. However, some of the safer surfaces and equipment can cost a lot of money and can often become useless at certain times (winter, rain etc.). Rubber Mulch play areas in school however can solve these problems and can give a safe access to the playground for the pupils.

As previously stated, rain isn’t a huge issue with Bonded Mulch as the surface itself is porous and allows for the absorption of water through the material. Avoiding puddles forming is incredibly useful as it can keep the playground operating properly and stops anything from preventing it and leading to injury.

With winter approaching, most surfaces can become incredibly dangerous as ice will start to form over it and cause the area to become slippery. If someone falls over on this type of ground, the injury can become a lot more serious. Rubber Play Bark is quite good with this though. Certain de-icer sprays can be applied to it without any issues, meaning the flooring keeps its friction and softness.

Safe Mulch Play Surfacing

Compared to most other types of surfaces, Rubber Mulch safety surface designs are becoming more and more popular over time. With its properties not only benefit children’s safety but benefitting their imaginations and senses, many schools are deciding to have this flooring on their playgrounds. One of the strongest selling points, however, is how it’s able to be applied on almost any other surface without causing any issues.

Certain pieces of equipment might be difficult to place some surfacing around it, but safe mulch play surfacing avoids this issue and allows you to make sure that your equipment is safe to use. It’s important however to always perform regular checks on the play area to see if any damage has been caused.

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Spotting the damage and acting straight away can avoid any more unnecessary damage being caused and can result in the surface being able to only have minor repairs done on it. We at Soft Surfaces can help with any part of this process, ranging from the planning, installation, maintenance and repairs. Over 20 years of experience makes us stand out from the rest of the industry and you’ll tell when our knowledgeable staff are able to provide the exact service you are looking for!

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