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Rubber Mulch Track Installation in Appleton Primary, Warrington

What was the specification? : Bound Rubber Mulch Track

What colours were used? : Standard Brown

What was the size of the job? : 252m²

How long did the job take?: 7 days on-site

What sub-base was used? : MOT Type 1 Stone

Active Mile

Please see the video below which shows the installation of a rubber mulch track. This is suitable for initiatives where children can run, walk or skip a mile daily.

Please see transcript below:
00:02 Hi, guys. It’s Tom from Soft Surfaces here. And on today’s video we’re going to be showing you a daily mile installation at Appleton Thorn Primary, Warrington. The first thing we did for this job is actually dig out the base of the track itself. So this was actually in a very large field. You can see from these photos here, we’re digging out our base ready to actually install the track into that area. So this is a very large area, which means obviously you have to use this machinery here as you can see, digging up the base. Ready for us then to actually begin the installation process itself. So these are a very popular surface type for schools, obviously because it keeps the kids fit, and it gives them a lot of exercise throughout their recreational and educational use really. So next up we then lay down the membrane, which you can see us actually doing here on this photo. And then after that, we begin to create the stone sub-base. This is essentially the layer that goes on prior to the rubber mulch being installed to the surface. And this essentially works as a protective layer to ensure that weed do not grow through the surface. Obviously improving the longevity of the surface generally as well. So you can see that actually being applied now, and the process is starting to come together very nicely. You see from this next shot here in a minute that we actually start to use drone footage to actually show the entire track, as you can see there. We use it basically to kind of show the scale of the track that we’re installing here, and obviously the stone base is laid at this particular moment of the job. So next up our team are actually raking up the a stone base, obviously getting it ready for the rubber mulch to be installed. And now far as applying the rubber mulch itself. So we obviously pour that on there with the mixer. And it’s obviously ready, and we obviously then screed that onto these stones sub-base and let the kind of glue settle and dry in the sun, ready for it to kind of just settle in. And basically the surface is then completely installed. So you can see, it is a very large job for us. We got some more drone footage here of us actually screening that off, flying it down making sure it’s all properly installed. And now finally for the completed project. So you can see again using our drone here, we’re going to take that up to the sky and show you the scale of the job. There it is installed. A really, really big job for is this one. And they were very, very pleased with the outcome. Obviously it does like I said, give the kids the ability to be using this for educational and recreational use. And just generally a great facility to have during playtime or lunchtime, or whatever it may be. Here at Soft Surfaces, we’re a nationwide company that install these surface types and many other surface types across the United Kingdom. So if you have any questions about this, or you’d like to have a look at kind of getting one installed or maintained. Please just drop us a message. You can find our website in the description of this video. Finally guys, as you can see from the video here, this black part of the installation is actually for vehicle access. And this is great. Obviously, it means the vehicles can drive across the surface itself to obviously maintain the grass in the middle, or something like that. And it just means that the actual surface isn’t getting damaged as the vehicle is using it, keeping it in the best condition possible, really. So finally guys, after a lot of experiences on these sports facilities across the United Kingdom, we actually rank in Google for these key phrases, “Rubbing mulch track construction U.K. Warrington school surfacing specialists. Nationwide running track company. Sports surfacing installers Warrington. Athletics track builders in the United Kingdom.” And even more than that. So as I mentioned earlier guys, if you are interested in this surface type or other surface types, please just find our website in the description of this video. Drop us an email, and we’ll come back to you as soon as we can. Thanks a lot for watching!

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