Rubber Mulch Construction

Bonded Rubber mulch construction is often carried out as this is an ideal safety surface for parks, gardens and playgrounds. The special attributes and installation of this type of surface allows for high absorption of impacts reducing the risk of injuries to children playing on the surface.

It will not blow away and it can go onto any surface, with minimum preparation. It still allows water to drain through to moisturise the soil with prevention of flooding and creation of muddy puddles, allowing the users to enjoy the benefits of the surface all year round. The rubber mulch specification can also be laid on top of existing muddy areas or natural grass surfaces which may be unsafe for use by children in the area.


Feel free to get in touch with our team today for more details on installing this type of safety surface. As a top UK contractor we have worked with many schools and local authorities. We aim to keep playgrounds and public areas safe for everyone using them. Please take a moment to complete our enquiry form if you’d like to ask any questions about what we do. You can also receive a quote for a project you’re looking to have.

Rubber Mulch Depth for Playground

Bonded rubber mulch construction goes onto a special geotextile sheet with a base layer and the specialist rubber mulch wearing course. Our 40mm system is the most popular rubber mulch depth for playground surfaces and meets all the safety requirements. Thicker depths are applied on playgrounds containing play equipment to add extra safety qualities.

These could be things like swings, slides, climbing frames and activity trails which are all common in children’s play areas. The right thickness of bonded mulch would be quantified and applied according to Critical Fall High guidelines of the equipment placed on the playground. We do this to reduce the risk of permanent injuries due to head impacts in case of a fall or a trip.

 Rubber Bark Surface Installation

The main advantage of rubber bark surface installations is that the process doesn’t require a vast amount of preparation to the groundworks. The rubber bark shred is a self-supporting system and can be applied directly onto grass or soil, old tiles, wetpour flooring, crushed aggregate or concrete. The surface design means it will follow the natural contours of the ground moulding around any minor groves and folds.  Our trusted teams of installers will carry out the rubber bark surface installation.

Our employees are provided with regular training sessions. They also undertake regular performance checks to maintain a high quality of the Soft Surface Ltd installations. We strongly ensure compliance with Health and Safety regulations and amongst other memberships we are also certified by the Association of Play Industries (API).

The video below shows a recent project we completed. This involves installing rubber mulch surfacing for an outdoor recreational area in Bristol. The client chose design with a mixture of green and dark red to create a natural look for the surface:

Please note as a general rule – Colour coating and resin binder can wear off after certain amount of time. If they are affected by rain or damp they may leave carbon marks on users. This is why appropriate selection of the location for mulch is very important. The only mulch which is classified non-marking comes from a through coloured material which has very low supplies.

Rhino Mulch Groundworks

We can lay this sort of rubber flooring onto a number of surfaces, including tarmac and grass. It is an excellent option for facilities which have muddy areas that may be hazardous in rainy weather. Due to its adaptable specification, the bound rubber can certainly be put around existing equipment and features.

We won’t need to lay out any groundworks so we’re able to provide great rates to accommodate each client. We’ll present you with a reasonable quotation to undertake this sort of job.

Find Out More

Please get in touch with us through our contact form if you have any questions you’d like to ask with regards to bonded rubber mulch construction in play areas and other outdoor facilities. We can provide help with ideas for designs, installation advice and information surrounding the rubber mulch costs for various projects.

Our prices can vary depending on area sizes and project location. Be sure to let us know as much information as you can so we can offer the most accurate quote. A wide variety of options are available whether you’re looking to create a kids’ play space or a public walkway, we can find the perfect specification for you.

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