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Macadam MUGA Painting in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

What was the specification? : Anti Slip Colour Coating to Existing MUGA What colours were used? : Blue colour coating with white and yellow line markings What was the size of the job? : 680m² How long did the job take? : 4 Days on Site What sub base was used? : Open Textured Macadam

Anti Slip Colour Coating

The video below shows the application of anti slip colour coating paint onto a porous macadam sports surface for a multi use games area in Cheltenham.
Please see video transcript below:
(00:02) Hi, you guys. It’s Dan from Soft Surfaces here. On this video I’m going to be showing you a cleaning and colour coating at a school MUGA court in Cheltenham. Basically the existing sports surface, you can see it’s very built up with moss and algae, and it’s very worn out.
We then completely cleaned the macadam surface, ready for the painting to be applied. As you can see, that’s being applied there, with the after shot there. Here’s the completed anti-slip painting itself.
You can see this is used for multiple sports, and they’re able to be playing football, tennis, basketball, all these other sports, on this actual service itself, which is fantastic. (00:30) From doing lots of work in the Gloucestershire area over the years, we actually rank in Google for these key words: sports court cleaning in Cheltenham, paint my tennis court Gloucestershire, Cheltenham sports facility specialists, line marking and painting tennis surfacing, multi-use games area Gloucestershire, and lots more than that.
If you are interested in having a service like this provided, please find our website in the description of this video.
We do work nationwide, so we’re more than happy to provide you with the prices and specifications of the job you’re looking for based on your location. Thanks a lot for watching, guys. We hope to hear from you soon.
Cheltenham MUGA Colour Coating           Cheltenham MUGA Painting

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