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What Is a MUGA?

MUGA is an acronym for Multi Use Games Area, there are a wide range of different surface finishes and a variety of different sports and games that can be played.

Having the ability to play multiple sports in just one area comes with a great advantage foe schools and sports clubs so they can use each area to its full potential.

Although we are often asked the question ‘what is a MUGA?’, it is very difficult to answer this without finding more detail on the sports requirements. At Soft Surfaces, we pride ourselves on providing professional advice on the type of surface that would best suit your sports facility.

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MUGA Explained

Please see a video below which explains what a MUGA is and how they are used in the UK to accommodate many different sports.

Please see transcript below:

00:00 Hi, guys. It’s Dan from Soft Surfaces here, and today I’m going to be talking about what is a multi-use games area.

00:05 A multi-use games area, otherwise known as a MUGA, is a multipurpose facility designed to incorporate sports such as tennis, netball, basketball, football, and many other sports all into one actual surface itself. It enables people to essentially play all of those sports at different times, or at the same time on one actual facility.

00:22 Great thing with multi-use games areas is that they’re available in various different surface types, including polymeric, tarmacadam and artificial grass. And these different surface types categorize into different types of MUGAs, so there’s a type one, a type two, etc, and we can really explain that in more detail in a whole other video.

00:38 On top of that, you can actually have specifications with completely different colors and schemes, you can have your logo applied to the multi-use games area, and have completely different colors for different sports, if that’s what you’re willing to do. They’re completely customisable and available in lots of bespoke options for your needs.

00:52 We have lots of experience, over 20 years, in fact, of installing these facilities, so we feel like we have the knowledge, the know-how of how to advise you into having the correct facility for what your needs are. If you need to know anything more about multi-use games areas or what we do, please just contact us at

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MUGA Activity Area

Multi use games area with synthetic turf
Here are some of the MUGA surface finishes that are possible:

  • Tarmacadam- is a hard tarmac surface ideal for basketball/netball, football (5 a-side), tennis or hockey where a ball has to be able to bounce or role on a flat surface.
  • 2G – Is a compacted plastic pile filled with just sand. It provides a smooth flat surface for sports like hockey and football.
  • 3G – This is an hardwearing artificial grass that can have sand and rubber infill. These pitches are more useful for football and rugby. They can have shock absorbing properties to slide, fall and tackle on.
  • Polymeric – Is a 10mm layer of rubber granules with an EPDM structural spray coat to provide anti-slip capabilities. This is laid over tarmac to give a hard rubber surface which is great for tennis, basketball and netball.

Each surface has different capabilities to provide a different finish for each designated sport or game.

For more information on MUGA’s for schools, colleges, sports clubs, leisure centres etc. please get in touch today and we can provide more information on the different type of surfaces.

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