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School All Weather MUGA Pitches

A lot of schools often have numerous pitches designated to different sports. This can take up a lot of room as well as being costly. A better solution to this issue is installing a Multi Use Games Area (or more commonly known as a MUGA) pitch.

Today’s blog will cover how school all-weather MUGA pitches are a much more viable option than installing multiple surfaces. The fact that these are weather resistant allows your students to get more playtime outside without the weather interfering with the quality of the surface.

Multi Use Sports Pitch Designs

MUGA pitches are incredibly popular amongst schools for how they allow multiple sports to be played on them without requiring multiple pitches to be installed. They can be a cheap and more efficient way of allowing your pupils/members to take part in multiple activities. If you’re interested though, you will first have to pick a design. The most common multi use sports pitch designs include:

  • Tarmacadam – Popular in schools as it is relatively cheap to install, and a wide range of sports may be played on tarmac including Tennis, Netball and Basketball.
  • Polymeric – A rubberised hardcourt sport surface. We can apply anti-slip colour coatings to create additional grip and improve the overall look and playing qualities.
  • 3G – Perfect for sports like football and rugby with its shockpad installation and resilient surface.
  • 2G – Brilliant for sports like hockey as it allows for less friction on the ball and helps with its movement of it.
  • Needlepunch – Great for nurseries and primary schools with its softness and it still allows for multisport activities to take place on it.

Each of these different designs comes with unique benefits that can help your school/club appeal to its demographic. Make sure you check out each all-weather material in more detail to get more information about them.

Best Winter Sport Surfaces

Winter can be a hindrance to activities as the weather can ruin the surface and make it too dangerous to play any sports on. However, certain surfaces can handle the weather/season a lot better than other ones can. If you are planning on playing a lot of sports during the colder months, it’s important to know what the best winter sport surfaces are.

Synthetic grass is a good example. Unlike natural grass, the artificial carpet won’t become muddy and waterlogged during wet weather. Providing you apply the appropriate maintenance, these surfaces can withstand the cold and miserable winter months. View this post to find out more about the differences between real and fake grass.

Tarmacadam is another great surface to consider as winter approaches. Make sure that regular maintenance is performed on the surface by checking regularly for any wear and tear. Doing this will make sure that the court stays up to maximum performance and will avoid the winter doing any more damage. Tarmacadam can withstand this season quite well and will still allow activities to take place on top of it. Check out our range of sport surfaces here to see the different ones we offer.

All Weather MUGA Sports Facilities

The all-weather MUGA sports facilities offer brilliant durability throughout the year. The list below shows how our surfaces handle different conditions without struggling:

  • Heat – Surfaces like synthetic grass don’t need water and therefore can survive the extreme heat without de-colouring or dying. With other surfaces, our paint is UV-resistant which means that the sun and heat won’t affect the colour of the material.
  • Rain – Too much rain can lead to grass pitches becoming flooded and muddy. However, all the surfaces are porous, which allows the rain to fall right through the surface and be drained properly. Puddles and soggy areas can’t be formed, and the surface can keep dry.
  • Ice – Incredibly dangerous, it can lead to many injuries occurring. These surfaces allow for de-icing products to be used meaning that ice won’t have a chance to form fully and become hazardous.

Weather is usually not an issue for these surfaces and they will still work at their optimum if they are maintained well and kept in great condition. School all-weather MUGA pitches are a great way to keep sport activities flowing without any disruption occurring. Children can also learn teamwork with MUGA pitches as they can play a range of sports.

Multi Use Games Areas for Schools

MUGA courts are a great solution for schools as they can be a cheap alternative to installing separate courts for all the different activities. They allow for a wide variety of sports to be played with no issue and don’t single out specific sports. Schools should see this as a viable option for their sports programmes as they can teach more sporting activities.

Check out our post on why schools choose artificial grass to learn more about the benefits and why these surface types work for school environments.

Below you can see a video showing our team installing a multi use games area in London:

Installing a Multi Use Games Area in your school with our team is easy peasy! With over 20 years of experience, Soft Surfaces Ltd can help you through any problems/questions you may have with any part of the process (ranging from the planning stage to the maintenance stage).

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