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MUGA Pitch Designs for Primary School

MUGA (Multi Use Games Areas) pitches are a modern solution to the current problem of this generation. Inactivity. MUGAs offer a chance for kids to take part in a wide variety of sports whilst the school can be relaxed knowing that their money isn’t being wasted on facilities never to be used. See this post which explains more about children’s inactivity and health.

This blog will talk more about MUGA pitch designs and the benefits these facilities have for primary schools and their pupils.

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Primary School MUGA Surfacing

Children in primary school are quite the energetic lot. Wanting to constantly be entertained and taking part in games, it can sometimes be quite the chore to get them entertained and occupied with an activity. In addition, kids at this age love variety and will want to take part in as many sports as possible to keep themselves busy and not bored.

MUGA pitches are a great way to counter this issue. Firstly, there are different types of flooring that we could install, and this allows you to cater for a specific group. A range of primary school MUGA surfacing options are available and we can provide more details on these.

Impact-absorbing shockpads may be installed underneath the court to minimize any injuries occurring if someone falls over on it. The surface feels incredibly soft and comfortable which creates a safer atmosphere for the kids, whilst not affecting any ball performance or sports. However, tarmacadam might be another surface you might want to consider.

Relatively cheaper to install, many schools like to go with this option as if you are creating a big MUGA pitch/court then it would be the most ideal for covering if finance is your biggest issue. The key thing to keep in mind is that all surfaces allow for line markings to be drawn on them, meaning the court can have multiple court linings done for different sports.

Multipurpose Sports Facilities

A lot of people tend to forget about multipurpose sports facilities and think that they are an ineffective method of dealing with encouraging children to do more sports. But, it seems to be the opposite. These types of facilities are great at promoting sport and funnily enough, promote more sports and get people more active. We can also supply sports court fencing to help protect the area.

A great point to remember is that these facilities can often save you a lot more time and money than installing a different area for each sport. They can also be a huge waste of money and time if the linked sport isn’t popular and you have wasted a large amount of space. Multipurpose sports facilities avoid this problem as all the different sports can be performed on one singular pitch/equipment without any fear of wasting money/time.

Over recent years, multipurpose equipment has become even more popular for schools and other organisations. Ofsted believes that these types of facilities are brilliant due to how they promote a healthier lifestyle and that they cater to all different sports instead of focusing on just one. It allows children who have different interests in sports to feel catered towards and more accepted.

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School MUGA Pitch Dimensions

Sometimes, planning out your MUGA pitch can be a bit of a nightmare since you may not know how big it should be. Well, no need to fear. With over 20 years of experience in the industry and the job, we can help you create the perfect pitch. The average school MUGA pitch dimensions for primary school children is around 26m x 16m but of course, you can alter this if you wish. View this page from Sapca to learn more about the dimensions for different sports you may want to play.

416m2 of area is plenty enough for primary school children due to their athletic abilities not being fully developed. This means that giving them a full-size football pitch or basketball court could be too much for kids at this age. So, by giving them a smaller area but keeping it big enough to be challenging, children will often find themselves taking part a lot more often and fully engaging with it.

Multi Use Games Areas for Schools

Requirements set by the National Curriculum and Ofsted have changed the way schools promote a healthier lifestyle and what kind of facilities they offer. Definitions of certain active events like running, jumping, balancing, dancing etc. have been more clearly defined and reports from Ofsted have revealed what are the most lacklustre parts of the sporting facilities schools have to offer.

All this new information has led to stronger developments and therefore, a lot of schools are focusing on MUGA pitches/courts for this reason. They perfectly meet the needs of both organisations whilst being entertaining and useful for students to use. In addition to this, many Multi Use Games Areas can be customised to meet the schools standard and reflect certain points.

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Different surfaces are available when it comes to multi use games areas for schools, with the most common choices being:

  • Tarmacadam – Most popular amongst schools for being the cheapest to install. See more details here.
  • Multisport Synthetic Turf – A soft outdoor carpet available in a range of colours which is very well-suited to primary age children.
  • 2G and 3G Pitches – More realistic than the other floorings, many high schools and leisure centres like to invest in these types of surfaces.

Line markings can also be added to your MUGA courts/pitches to illustrate the outlines of certain sports pitches so when using the facility, the children know which lines to use for which sport.

Different coloured lines can be selected to make certain courts stand out from each other, so children don’t have problems distinguishing them from each other.

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