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Twin Bar Rebound Weldmesh Ball Stop MUGA Fencing

Lots of modern sports surface facilities have installed sports fencing, to help create a secure sports facility. These modern MUGA Multi Use Games Area facilities often have a standard Twin Bar Weldmesh Fence installed. This fencing, which is a 3.0m high x 2.50m wide has a sandwich twin bar panel which compiles of 6.0mm vertical wires which is trapped or sandwiched by 8mm horizontal wires.

However, this ballstop fencing system can also be manufactured, specified and designed to suit most areas. 4.0m & 5.0m high fencing can be achieved and fencing can also have super rebound panels installed along the bottom 1.2m, to strengthen the area of fence where it comes under more stress from ball damage. Single and double leaf gates can be installed into most fencing systems, along with recessed goals. These systems will not alter the structural strength of the system.

Soft Surfaces Ltd is a sports contractor who specialise in these types of systems. Budget / funding advice, costing information and quotations can all be catered for, along with the full construction of the fencing. Please visit our website or call us on 01625 445760

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