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Coating of Synthetic MUGA Surfacing With Acrylic Coatings

There are a number of different coating options that are now available if your sports surface requires or has the need for it. Anti-slip coatings such as Acrylic, water-based and PU Polyurethane can all now be used, depending on the synthetic MUGA surfacing. If the Multi-Use Games Area is synthetic, an Acrylic coating can be used.

Other MUGA surfaces such as EPDM Polymeric rubber, a polyurethane coating can be used and a Porous Macadam surface, a Water Based coating can be used. All of the anti-slip coatings that are available to use can all be made in colours such as red, green, white and blue and can all be used to coat surfaces that will house sports like Basketball, Football, Netball and Tennis.

These coatings can be anti-slip and can comply with TRRL 75 for Netball and TRRL 60 for multisports. As all synthetic MUGA surfacing specifications can be constructed to all different dimensions and sizes to suit individual requirements, the preferred application method is an airless sprayer, due to the speed of the application, although a paint roller can still be used.

Multi-use games areas or ball courts can all be upgraded, resurfaced, cleaned and recoloured using these types of coatings. New line markings can also be installed at the same time, normally with a line width of 50mm. Funding and budgets for these projects can be an issue so specifications and designs can be tweaked to suit most projects and sporting uses.

Safety should be the main priority for any sports facility, especially at a school where young children will be using synthetic MUGA surfacing for a range of activities. This is why it is always advised to have an acrylic or polyurethane non slip paint coating applied to improve the traction of the surfacing and to prevent injury from slips and trips.

Regular maintenance should always be carried out for synthetic MUGA surfacing to remove dirt and debris which could contaminate the area and make it flooded and slippery underfoot. After a while, a new layer of anti slip coating and line markings may need to be applied to bring back the best performance qualities and to ensure that the facility remains safe for use.

We have installed countless sports facilities at various locations in the UK, ranging from full-sized pitches, multi-use sports courts and athletics facilities. We are experts in the construction and maintenance of synthetic MUGA surfacing and we would be happy to speak with you about any enquiry you have.

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