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Floodlit Sports Surface Restoration Upgrade

MUGA restoration can be vital to the performance of a sports club / society. A poor sports surface which is badly in need of upgrading can have a negative effect on morale and results. The All Weather Sports Pitch can be restored in a number of ways .From installing a new ball court playing surface to installing new sports fencing and sports floodlighting.

New Multi Use Games Areas surfacing can be specified by a number of criteria. The amount of sporting use it will get, type of sports to be played on the MUGA, size of the surface and ongoing maintenance costs will have to be considered. Porous Macadam surfaces are an option. Polymeric EPDM rubber is another option for the All Weather Pitch. Synthetic 3G Grass is also an option.

Sports Floodlighting can add an extra dimension to the upgraded sports surfacing, but there are many things to consider. Total energy outlay to money spent is one. The typical 350 LUX Hockey Pitch floodlighting would cost around £18 per hour to run. This would include electricity, eventual replacement and maintenance. Floodlights can last up to 25 years and the Luminare of the light would have to be checked regularly.

The MUGA courts total specification will affect the overall cost and design. Soft Surfaces can help you with this process. We can help you with any quotations, design queries or specification issues that you may have. Please call 01625 445760 for further details on the refurbishment of the sports pitches. The refurb of the sport surfaces usually include the rip up and disposal of the artificial grass and synthetic turf but I would always be mindful on the recycling of this and try not to let this surfacing go to landfill as we are able to recycle these products onto golf pathways, walkways and many other areas like horse galloping zones.

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