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Olympic Legacy Funding Funds Available for MUGA Multi Use Games Areas

There is now lots of funding available for the construction and renovation for MUGA due to the ongoing commitment by the Olympic Legacy committee and Sport England. Multi Use Games Areas are now becoming more and more common in the UK as we are pushing everybody to play more sport and take more exercise. This means that we need to upgrade and construct new MUGAs and to do this, many sports facilities, schools and local authorities require more funding in order to achieve the goal of new multi use games areas.

There is now lots of different ways of achieving the extra funding / budget requirements. Funding bodies such as The Legacy Trust have a funding budget of £40m million per year to be used for new projects like these. Sport England, The National Lottery and Inspired Facilities also have vast pots of funding that they use for the upgrade, renovation and new construction builds of MUGAs. The Olympic Legacy is pushing for new sports facilities and these can help you with all aspects of the construction ranging from design, specification, budget adjustments, funding and full construction advice.

Soft Surfaces Ltd can also help you with the budgets, funding and construction of MUGAs. Please visit or call us on 01625 445760.

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