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Promoting Teamwork With Multi Use Games Areas

One way of schools encouraging teamwork is through multi use games areas on the playground. Also known as MUGAs, these are sports facilities which can be used for a number of different activities. Giving children the opportunity to play different sports helps them to work together and cooperate.

These areas can be used both during lessons and outside of school to increase activity. They help you make the most of your outdoor space meaning you can accommodate a variety of games. Find out more about MUGA pitches and see which design options we have available.

Why is Teamwork Important?

During school, children develop vital social and communication skills which are necessary for later life. Being able to work with others and form relationships is extremely important, and playing team games helps to encourage this. There are several other things that kids can learn from being part of a team, some of these include:

  • Friendship
  • Sportsmanship
  • Cooperation
  • Leadership
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Determination

All these things are crucial for school pupils and also into adult life. There are plenty of benefits of using MUGA sports courts in schools to develop teamwork. All these skills can transfer off the pitch and into the classroom or daily life. Visit this post to see how being active at school can help manage children’s behaviour.

MUGA Designs for Schools

There are several different designs and specifications for MUGA facilities which we can install in schools. It depends which sport you want to play and what budget you have available, but we can provide a range of options to help you decide. Here are some of the different products we offer:

  • Tarmac – A hard and durable surface commonly used for school sports facilities. Find out more on this page.
  • Multisport Turf – A synthetic carpet suitable for a number of different sports.
  • 3G Grass – Artificial turf often used for playing football and rugby.
  • Polymeric Rubber – Another hard court specification with a variety of colours available.

All of these can be customised to suit your requirements and we’ll be able to provide a quote if you get in touch with us. Whether you want a simple outdoor space for recreational sports or a higher standard surface for competitive events, we can provide the right design and specification for you.

The Benefits of Working as a Team

Teaching children to work together as a team is an important part of early development. They should be able to form relationships and friendships by interacting with other pupils. This helps them work better in the classroom and sets them up with key skills they will use throughout life.

Children learn how to take turns, share and expand their knowledge by working in groups. This also provides opportunities for conflict resolution and learning to listen to each other’s point of view. Pupils can also be exposed to new ways of thinking which helps with understanding lessons and progressing academically.

How Multi Use Games Areas Help

Having these facilities at schools encourages children to get into sports which they may not have considered otherwise. Multiple sets of line markings can be applied to one surface, making more efficient use of the space compared with having more than one facility. Depending on the surfacing you choose, kids can play football, basketball, tennis, netball and more all in the same place. Offering a range of games is great for increasing exercise levels at school as kids can play at break times and in after-school clubs.

We can also provide fencing to go around the sports facility to keep it safe and prevent the loss of equipment. These diverse areas are perfect for children of all ages and they teach skills which are easily transferred into lessons and everyday life. Team sports such as football, netball and basketball are great for young people when it comes to making friends and working to a common goal.

The video above shows our team installing a MUGA court in London. This particular design was made using polymeric rubber surfacing which is ideal for playing basketball, netball and other sports.

Get in Touch

For more information on promoting teamwork with multi use games areas, contact us today and we’ll provide you with some more information. Let us know if you’re looking to have a new facility installed and we’ll be happy to give you an idea of costs for the work.

We have worked on various projects throughout the UK at schools, nurseries and clubs, so we have plenty of experience and professional knowledge.

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